1948 Bowman Baseball Box Tops $520,000 and More Big Vintage Box Prices from Attic Find

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1948 Bowman Baseball Box Displayed

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor

$521,180.33 — that was the final price for a near-complete 1948 Bowman Baseball box. This was one of more than a dozen pieces of vintage sports cards boxes found in an attic beer case sold at auction through Mile High Card Company. Breaking the price down, it works out to more than $27,400 per pack.

The 1948 Bowman Baseball box represents the only known packs in existence for the popular set. It included 19 of a possible 24 packs. Potential finds inside the packs include Yogi Berra and Stan Musial Rookie Cards.

But these weren’t the only boxes found in this particular attic. The original owner worked at a confectionery company and had an impressive stash covering baseball, football and basketball.

Two of these boxes also crossed over into six figures during the auction. An unopened 1961 Topps Football box (five-cent packs) went for $119,977.61.

1961 Topps Football Box

A full and unopened box of 1961 Fleer Basketball sold for $108,039.02.

1961 Fleer Basketball Box Mile High June 2017

Here’s a breakdown of the other boxes and packs that were part of the auction:

1962 Topps Football Box

1962 Topps Football (20 out of 24 packs) – $45,256.32
1962 Fleer Football (19 out of 24 packs) – $30,325.19
1961 Fleer Football box – $24,947.60
1959 Fleer Ted Williams Baseball box – $20,522.57
1960 Topps Football (6 packs plus empty box) – $16,814.39
1961 Fleer Baseball Greats (20 out of 24 packs) – $9,833
1960 Fleer Baseball Greats (20 out of 24 packs) – $5,540.40
1961 Nu-Card Scoops Baseball (23 out of 24 packs) – $3,443.31
1961 Topps Baseball Stamps Album Box – $1,029.11
1961 Nu-Card Football (17 out of 24 packs) – $842

All told, the attic find generated more than $785,000. Totals include the buyer’s premium.

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