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Unquestionably, Alex Morgan is one of the biggest names to ever represent the United States on the international soccer scene. And while there are lots of Alex Morgan cards out there, the number is small compared to stars of her caliber in other sports.

The first Alex Morgan cards date back to 2011. This includes Rookie Cards, a couple of autographs and even a World Cup sticker. In the early part of her USWNT career, appearance were somewhat sporadic as soccer cards weren’t enjoying the same level of mainstream hobby success as the do today. But with the rise of the sport, Alex Morgan cards have been arriving in greater numbers. Modern sets have also brought with them a greater mix of rarer cards, autographs and premium releases.

Wondering about what the best Alex Morgan cards are? The list below has highlights and picks for key releases and some of the most valuable choices.

17 Alex Morgan Cards That Rank Among Her Best and Most Valuable

2011 Panini Women’s World Cup Stickers Alex Morgan #196

Although stickers are often considered oddball issues for a lot of sports like baseball and basketball, they’re much more mainstream in soccer. So even though Morgan has several 2011 trading cards as well, her first sticker in the 2011 Panini Women’s World Cup set is very popular.

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2011 Panini Women's World Cup Stickers Alex Morgan

2011 SP Game Used Alex Morgan #76 /499

With just 499 copies and coming from a high-end release, this is the most valuable Alex Morgan Rookie Card. If you can find one, expect to pay at least a couple hundred — more if you’re looking for top grades.

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2011 SP Game Used Alex Morgan Rookie Card

2011 SP Game Used SIGnificance Alex Morgan #SIG-AM /10

Alex Morgan has an autograph in 2011 SP Game Used Soccer as well. However, with just 10 numbered copies, finding one is going to be a massive undertaking.

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2011 Sports Illustrated for Kids Alex Morgan #74

With several traditional cards releasing in the same year, Morgan’s first Sports Illustrated for Kids card doesn’t carry the same clout as some other athletes. Still, it’s among her earliest and that means something. It’s the top-middle card on the nine-card sheet so both the left and right sides should show perforations. This particular card is found in the October, 2011 issue. Bryce Harper and Drew Brees are among the others on the sheet.

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2011 Upper Deck MLS Alex Morgan #198

The 2011 Upper Deck MLS checklist goes beyond the one leader with cards highlighting players from the now-defunct Women’s Professional Soccer league. Part of the WPS Super Draft subset, this is the most affordable and readily available Alex Morgan Rookie Card.

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2011 Upper Deck MLS Alex Morgan Rookie Card

2011 Upper Deck MLS Super Draft Exclusives Autographs Alex Morgan #WSD-AM

It might not have a serial number like her 2011 SP Game Used autograph, but this is still a tough card, particularly now that most copies have dried up into personal collections.

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2011 Upper Deck MLS Super Draft Exclusives Autographs Alex Morgan

2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Alex Morgan #393 SP

2011 Upper Deck World of Sports covers a lot of ground when it comes to international athletics. Not surprisingly, this means soccer cards. Morgan is one of 100 short prints in the base set making it somewhat tough to find.

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2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Autographs Alex Morgan #393

Alex Morgan’s 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Autograph is part of the Group A signers, the toughest on the checklist. One from this group lands 1:303 packs with over 70 signers. It’s the same rarity as Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, LeBron James and several other top-tier legends. Morgan’s actually a tougher pull in the set than Michael Jordan.

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Alex Morgan Cards - 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Autographs

2012 Topps U.S. Olympic Team Autographs Alex Morgan #90

Topps’ run with the Olympic license has resulted in several big cards for athletes playing outside of mainstream leagues. Soccer has seen a lot of growth since this card came out, but at the time it ranked among Morgan’s earliest autographs. Parallels replace the U.S. Olympic Team logo with foil.

Parallels: Bronze (/50), Silver (/30), Gold (/15), Gold Rainbow (1/1)

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2017-18 Select Alex Morgan #18

For those looking for relatively affordable Alex Morgan cards, 2017-18 Select Soccer marks her first chromium card. It’s a few years removed from her Rookies and its part of a mainstream release that had fairly wide distribution at the time.

For many, the fun and challenge comes with the parallels. Encompassing more than a dozen addition cards, they’re not only colorful and bright, but some bring in striking patterns like Zebra and Tie-Dye.

Parallels: Checkerboard Prizms, Multi-Color Prizms, Silver Prizms, Maroon Prizms (/199), Blue Prizms (/299), Fuschia Prizms (/125), Orange Prizms (/75), Tie-Dye Prizms (/30), Zebra Prizms (/25), Camo Prizms (/20), Gold Prizms (/10), Green Prizms (/5), Black Prizms (1/1),

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Alex Morgan Cards - 2017-18 Select

2017-18 Select Signatures Alex Morgan #36

Alex Morgan has several autographs that predate her 2017-18 Select Signatures card. However, what makes this one stand out — besides the popular Prizm stock — is that it’s got an on-card signature. To date, the majority of Alex Morgan autograph cards use stickers.

Parallels: Gold Prizms (/10), Black Prizms (1/1)

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Alex Morgan Cards - 2017-18 Select Signatures

2018-19 Immaculate Dual Patch Autographs Alex Morgan #DA-AMG /32

In recent years, the number of super-premium soccer sets has continued to grow. This has brought about cards like this one from 2018-19 Immaculate Soccer that includes two premium swatches, an autograph and a tiny print run of just 32 copies. Even with all of its parallels factored in, there are less than 70 total. The one-of-one Platinum version sold for $6,000 through Goldin in June, 2022.

Parallels: Sapphire (/15), Jersey Number (/13), Gold (/10), Platinum (1/1)

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Alex Morgan Cards - 2018-19 Immaculate Dual Patch Autographs

2019-20 Panini Gold Standard Golden Duals Autographs Alex Morgan/Mia Hamm #DU-WNT /15

Another high-end card, this one has ink from two U.S. Women’s National Team legends in Morgan and Mia Hamm. With just 15 copies and no parallels, it’s something of a unicorn. If you’re looking for another dual autograph of Hamm and Morgan, there’s also one in 2013 Leaf Sports Heroes.

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2020 Exquisite Collection 2003-04 Rookie Auto Patch Tribute Alex Morgan #03T-AM /99

Upper Deck has been including retro Exquisite cards in Goodwin Champions for several years. Despite not being fully licensed, the direction connection to the brand has been a winner, resulting in cards with very strong prices. This particular version borrows its design from the landmark 2003-04 Exquisite set that started it all.

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2020 Exquisite Collection 2009-10 Rookie Auto Tribute Alex Morgan #09T-AM /99

2020 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions also has a 2009-10 retro Alex Morgan autograph. Despite not having a piece of memorabilia like her other card, this one is still extremely popular. The design on this one comes from the final Exquisite NBA set, which includes Stephen Curry.

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2020 Exquisite Collection Signatures Kicks Alex Morgan #SKH-AM

More Exquisite from 2020 Goodwin Champions, this one incorporates footwear as well. That said, the memorabilia is strictly decorative and not worn by soccer star. Extremely scarce, this ranks as one of the best Alex Morgan cards ever made. It also has a similar laces variation.

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Alex Morgan Cards - 2020 Exquisite Collection Signature Kicks

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Autographs Alex Morgan #FSA-ALM

By name, Topps Allen & Ginter is a baseball brand. However, since it made its modern debut, non-baseball figures have been prominent throughout its checklist. Each year there are celebrities and athletes from different sports lending their signature to the set. In 2020, it was Morgan’s turn. While most autographs in the set are framed mini cards, Morgan’s is on a full-sized card.

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Alex Morgan Cards - 2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Autographs


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