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Q. Where do I send my BAS/BGS Orders?

A. Please send all BAS/BGS orders directly to BAS at: James Spence Authentication, 2 Sylvan Way, Suite 102, Parsippany, NJ 07054-3809.

Q. May I combine standard BGS or BVG orders with BAS/BGS Autographed card orders?

A. To prevent turnaround time delays and extra shipping charges, please do not combine orders.

Q. What is the turnaround time on BAS/BGS orders?

A. Turnaround times are non-guaranteed, but will be approximately 10 business days in most circumstances.

Q. What are the costs involved?

A. Please see the BAS/BGS submission form for pricing. Standard autographed cards are $20 for the autograph authentication and encapsulation. If you would like to have the autograph graded by BGS or would like to have both the autograph and card graded, the total standard fee is $30 for either service. For premium autograph authentication, please use the Fee Schedule chart found Here. On premium items, to add card and/or autograph grading, just add $10 per item on line 5 of the submission form.

Q. I've clicked on the BAS Fee Schedule; now how do I know which signatures are considered "premium"?

A. Once on the Fee Schedule chart, all players with a "Basic Fee" listed price fall under the standard $20/$30 pricing ($20 for encapsulation only and $30 to add the autograph and/or card grade). The vast majority of autographs fall under this $20/$30 pricing. Any player without a Basic Fee is considered a premium player, and the price for his autograph authentication is the price listed under the "Standard Fee" category. If you are unsure of the value of your item or how to calculate the pricing, please contact BAS at 1-888-4JSPENCE.

Q. Do all autographed cards have to be submitted through the BAS/BGS program? What about certified autographed cards issued directly by the manufacturer?

A. All after-market autographs must be submitted through the BAS/BGS program. Autographs issued by manufacturers, such as Topps, Upper Deck, Playoff, etc. may be submitted through normal BGS grading. On these cards, the autographs are authenticated by the manufacturers themselves, not BAS or BGS. You may still submit these cards through BAS/BGS for authentication.

Q. How do I fill out the submission form?

A. Instructions and rules are printed on each form. Keys to remember are to look up any items valued at over $500 to figure the premium autograph fee, and be sure to check the appropriate box on each line number, signifying the desired service ("Auto Authentication + Encapsulation"; "Auto Authentication + Encapsulation + Auto Grade"; or "Auto Authentication + Encapsulation + Auto Grade + Card Grade") for that card.

Q. Can I request a minimum grade?

A. Yes, if you would like to ask that your card and/or autograph only be given a numerical grade if it meets a certain minimum grade, please clearly write your minimum grade requests for each item on a separate sheet of paper and include it with your submission form. Please note that cards/autos not meeting the minimum grade will still be charged the appropriate authentication and grading fees.

Q. Besides cards, may anything else be submitted through this program?

A. Currently, the BAS/BGS service will authenticate and encapsulate most cards, index cards, postcards, and other flat items measuring up to 8.5" x 11". Some non-card items may not be eligible for an overall "card grade", but may still receive autograph authentication, encapsulation, and an autograph grade.