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May Offer From Beckett

For May, Beckett Grading is offering a monthly grading deal for those customers that have vintage (1980 and older) cards to submit. Submit just 10 cards and save at least $80! This is a vintage card only offer and hope you enjoy!

10 Day Grading at $12 per Card

Submit at least 10 vintage cards, and we will grade those cards for just $12 per card. This is a savings of at least $80 on your vintage submission! No matter the cards value… pay just $12 per card Offer valid on vintage cards only.

Discounts and promotions apply to vintage submissions only.


*Cannot be combined with any other coupon, discounted offers, or promotion. Offer does not apply to BAS submissions, onsite grading, or the BCCG services. Offer valid for all new orders submitted between 05/01/18 and 05/31/18 and cannot be applied to orders that were previously submitted or are in the possession of Beckett Grading currently. Offer Code: MAYVIN2018. All orders must be postmarked by 05/31/18 and contain the promotion code listed above in order to receive the discount. Customer is responsible for return shipping, insurance, and appropriate surcharges including associated autograph grading fees. Regular prices, surcharges, and service levels can be found at or on any BGS submission form. Contact BGS Customer Service at 972-448-9188,, or see for submission forms or for more information. Please be sure to check the website for a list of days Beckett will be closed. Modern cards will be processed at regular, listed rates. See submission form