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July Offer From Beckett

The secondary market for vintage cards is on fire right now, which makes it the perfect time to get those cards in, graded, and sold before the National!

The July grading is perfect for vintage cards you might need graded a little bit faster, at a discounted rate. Submit at least 10 cards and we will grade the cards for $20/card. This is a savings of at least $100 on your grading submission. This offer is valid for cards produced prior to 1981 only.

Interested in having your cards graded at the NSCCS in Cleveland? Contact Beckett Grading at to find out how.


*Cannot be combined with any other coupon, discounted offers, or promotion. Offer does not apply to BAS or BGS submissions, onsite grading , or the BCCG services. Offer valid for all new orders submitted between 07/01/18 and 07/31/18 and cannot be applied to orders that were previously submitted or are in the possession of Beckett Grading currently. Offer Code: "July2018". All orders must be postmarked by 07/31/18 and contain the promotion code listed above in order to receive the discount. Order must contain at least 10, vintage cards to qualify. Modern cards (1981-present) will be charged listed 5-day rates Customer is responsible for return shipping, insurance, and surcharges, including autograph surcharges on certified autograph cards. Regular prices, surcharges, and service levels can be found at or on any BGS submission form. Contact BGS Customer Service at 972-448-9188,, or see for submission forms or for more information.