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Beckett Grading Services announced today, beginning February 19, 2020, submissions received will no longer have a guaranteed turnaround time.

Instead, the turnaround times will become estimated times, based on the service levels selected. Here is the official statement from BGS.

Dear Beckett Grading Customer,

The BGS team wants to thank you for the support you continue to show BGS/BAS and hope that we have been able to meet most, if not all, of your grading needs in 2019. It was a year to remember for the collectibles market. It’s crystal clear after just one month that 2020 has even more to offer! The market continues to grow in strength and popularity across the world.

Many factors go into this growth but being surrounded in this industry each day (and for the last 20 years),we see that our market is strong and growing, which is great news!

With that said, the number of cards Beckett is receiving daily has begun to eclipse the volume our staff can properly handle with strict guarantees in place. From invoicing, to card identification, to grading, to shipping… are coming in at a rate never seen in our history. We are at the point we must address the issue so that we keep the integrity of our brand and services we offer to you. We built our business on being the only company that offered the guaranteed turnaround time, but the current reality is offering that feature is going to be a disservice to the industry.

Our team needs to be able to do their jobs properly and rushing through an order just to get it out the door, is foolish. Giving each card our best valuation and fairest grade is why we will be suspending the “Guaranteed” part of the service level and instead go to an “Estimated” turnaround time. This will start on all submissions received after February 18th, 2020.

Our goal will be to completely process (Receive, Grade, and Ship) the order in the exact timeframe each customer has requested but for now, this will not be guaranteed. We realize customers submit to Beckett for many reasons and knowing when the cards will ship is very important. Our goal is to get back to that guarantee as soon as possible, but for now, we have concluded this is the best option for our valued customers and Beckett. Our goal and belief is that most people will not see a difference at all. The orders will be processed as you have always expected but there could be some of you that see a day or two delay in the shipping of your order. I can only apologize and let you know we want your orders in and out of here as quickly as possible, without compromising the grading process.

As you can see, we have not raised grading rates. That would have been the easy thing to do, but we don’t feel thatis fair or warranted. We also still have a full calendar of shows/events planned for 2020. It’s important to many of our customers that we attend these shows, so we don’t want to pull back on that schedule. Canceling shows would be another easy move, keeping all our staff here in Dallas. However, the RCR and face-to-face business from shows is important to so many of you we don’t think it is fair to alter the schedule.

With all of this said, I know one of the first things (or the first thing) people will say/think is “just hire more graders!” We truly wish it was that easy, but finding graders is a very difficult task. In my 20 years with the company, we have never stopped looking for people to help our team, and that includes graders. We are openly hiring so if you, or someone you know, want to work for Beckett at our headquarters in Dallas, please reach out to us.

I hate to suspend the guaranteed turnaround for submissions to BGS. Beckett Grading was built with this as part of its core foundation, however, the market has forced us to adjust this plan. Beckett will continue to offer you the same service and products you have come to expect but, we might need a day or two more to do that for you. I truly appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to working with you in 2020.



Jeromy Murray
Vice President, Beckett Grading Services

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