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With over 30 years of serving as the most trusted resource for collectors, Beckett Media will continue to facilitate trade and lead the collectibles industry with dynamic products and services.

Who is Beckett?

Beckett Media has been the voice of the collectibles industry from the time Dr. James Beckett published his first Sport Americana Baseball Card Price Guide book in 1979 to the launch of the first issue of Beckett Baseball magazine five years later. In the 30 years since that rather simplistic first issue of Beckett Baseball, the magazine – and the company itself – has grown in significant proportions, similar to the very field it covers.

Now, on the 30th Anniversary of that first magazine launch, Beckett Media stands poised to continue the foundation first laid down by Dr. Beckett – one of integrity, commitment and accuracy. In doing so, Beckett Media will proudly move the Beckett brand forward through an exciting future, all the while continuing to serve its current customers and attracting a new generation of collectors. Most importantly, Beckett Media will maintain the trust and excellence the company was built upon.

Services we provide

  • Grading – trading cards (current and vintage) and coins
  • Price Guides – online and printed magazines for sports and entertainment cards, coins, rocks/gems, and other collectibles
  • Annual Guides and Special Interest Publications
  • Beckett Marketplace
  • Fanshop
  • Organize/Trade
  • Auctions
  • Card Registry
  • Market Data Report
  • Conferences


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Grading Services

    Want to know if your card is in Mint Condition? We will inspect and grade your cards to ensure its authenticity and condition.


    There are several reasons to get your trading cards graded with Beckett Grading Services (BGS)


Online Price Guide

The prices of your cards are always changing depending on market activity. Stay on top of the value of your collection through our Online Price Guide service.

A subscription to Beckett's Online Price Guide provides instant access to more than 5.5 million sports card listings PLUS FREE access to Organize. But that's just the beginning. At you can flaunt your collection of sports cards, trade with other collectors and dealers to add to your inventory, learn more about the sports, teams and players that you collect and discuss it all with likeminded, passionate people. offers collectors instant access to the world's leading trading card databases, including the ability to organize, price, buy, sell and trade their favorite trading cards. In addition, is a leading news destination for sports card enthusiasts with a hard earned reputation steeped in integrity.


Immaculate Collection

Find everything you need to build the perfect collection with over 5 million unique items.

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