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My 2000 New York Jets collection

My 2000 New York Jets collection
WOW Im speechless!!! That was a pleasure to look at even though it was the freaking Jets...LOL. Keep it up!!!emoticon emoticon
Unique Cards:
Dolphins - 6000+
Marino - 2140
Zach Thomas - 869
Jason Taylor - 749
Lamar Miller - 341

My 2000 New York Jets collection
Bakerman8419 Wrote:WOW Im speechless!!! That was a pleasure to look at even though it was the freaking Jets...LOL. Keep it up!!!emoticon emoticon

Thanks for the kind words, especially from a Dolphins fan.
Chad Pennington and Ray Lucas became Dolphins QB's, that is todays NFL with more free agency and salary cap limits, players leaving before the end of their career to play for rivals. We are now getting Jason Taylor from the Dolphins, crazy. I hope Topps issues him a 2010 base card, even if it is photoshopped to a Jets uniform, like the photoshopped Bowman Favre cards in 2008.

I worked on about half the sets in 2000, the base and inserts as a lot of collectors did. 4 1st rd Jets picks, including Pennington, it was too expensive to get them all. In 2002 I started filling the gaps, buying the Pennington SPx, SP Authentic, Playoff Contenders when his prices fell but before he started for the Jets. I also picked up the rest of the Jets players for those sets. It took until 2004 to complete every base card and insert, since then adding some parallels and autos.

I like to present my year as a pictoral representation of Beckett's annual price guide, sorted by product, I do group all Pacific, Playoff and Upper Deck closer together, so Absolute becomes Playoff Absolute etc. I find it easier fo find, putting Private Stock and Revolution under the Pacific title.
I think collectors like this format, it might be the Jets but it could help other collectors with a mystery 2000 card as the cards look the same for each team, your Dolphins would have more aqua and orange compared to Jets green.

My 2000 New York Jets collection
Just got some extra autos the Pacific Chad Pennington auto, only 150 made, not numbered but with official Pacific seal and different silver foil on top left corner
[Image: 2000JetsPacific1-1.jpg]

And the Upper Deck Pros & Prospects, the two autos have different colored green swatches, the Keyshawn Johnson swatch looks to have a kelly green from a 1996 or 1997 Jets jersey, the Ray Lucas swatch is from a 1998 or 1999 hunter green Jets jersey[Image: 2000JetsUpperDeckProsProspects1.jpg]

My 2000 New York Jets collection
Just picked up more 2000 UD Ionix Authentics.
The Keyshawn Johnson was part of the #ed to 100 insert set, it has a gold border
The Wayne Chrebet like the Ray Lucas is part of the #ed to 300 insert set, they have a blue border.

[Image: 2000JetsUDIonix3.jpg]

My 2000 New York Jets collection
Sweet Ionix auto cards!
Currently collect: NON-SERIAL NUMBERED autos, Topps, and Topps Chrome cards of players in Bengals uniforms.

My 2000 New York Jets collection
NineOf Wrote:Sweet Ionix auto cards!

Yes, back in the good old days when players who were having a suucessful year or career were asked to sign, limited number of players and cards were signed on card.
Keyshawn Johnson, Wayne Chrebet and Ray Lucas had played at a high level in the 2nd half of the 1999 season, so autos in 2000 were produced of them. Johnson never played for the Jets in 2000, was traded to the Bucs, Vinny Testaverde came back so Ray Lucas went back to the bench, whenever he did play again, he was not as successful.

My 2000 New York Jets collection
My latest updates
Update to Collectors Edge Autos, picked up a super rare Chad Pennington Red Ink #ed 4 of 10
[Image: 2000JetsCollEdgeAutos1.jpg]

Tracked down the two Private Stock Private Signings, Chad Pennington & Laveranues Coles
[Image: 2000JetsPacificPrivateStock1.jpg]

Got these 2000 Upper Deck Game Jersey autos, the Green and White Swatches for Chad Pennington and the Green Swatch for Keyshawn Johnson even though he had been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
[Image: 2000JetsUpperDeckGameJerseyx.jpg]

Updating Upper Deck Encore with a Redemption card of Laveranues Coles which has been redeemed, it has a little punched hole in it, super rare card to find now.
[Image: 2000JetsUpperDeckEncoreUpdated.jpg]

RE: My 2000 New York Jets collection
hi. i have been looking for a 2000 press pass shaun ellis reflector and noticed you had one. would you be willing to trade it or sell it? please lmk either way. thanks


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