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BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
12-12-2018, 12:14 AM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2018 12:16 AM by toddcarte.)
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RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
J.R. House

I am looking for any serial numbered cards 50 and any 1/1. I am also interested in any limited minor league cards.
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12-30-2018, 11:01 AM
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RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
Bill Ripken - only the 1989 Fleer #616

[Image: banner.jpg]
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05-21-2019, 10:08 AM
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RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
Hi all! Brand new to Beckett. Bought the baseball OPG to start organizing and cataloging my collection. Sorting cards into junk wax team sets to start.

Player wise I focus on Ken Griffey Jr, Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano, Brusdar Graterol, signed 1995 Mariners (Griffey, Edgar Martinez, etc). Generally focus on baseball but also collect Vikings, Seahawks.

Starting to also focus on vintage cards, 1950s and 1960s for now. Trying to build up 1965 Topps, 1995 Bowman.
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05-21-2019, 10:18 AM
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RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
Welcome to Beckett! Looks like you are a 'comrade in arms' as a Twins and Vikings fan, as well as a Griffey Jr. collector in his Mariners uniform (my PC). Most likely we will trade at some point.

Good luck!
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06-23-2019, 02:51 AM
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RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
(02-06-2010 06:24 PM)chrisolds Wrote:  ***update ***
I'm not going to update the main entry (immediately below) any longer... so just keep posting your players' names here.

Why no more updates? The linkage on those "old site" names doesn't work now. However, I'm sure many of the account names are still good.

So just keep posting your players at the end of the thread so other player-collectors can find you.

Acuna, Soroka, Riley, Bellinger, Ohtani, Albies, Pache

Later this year, we will have another Super Collectors issue of <i>Beckett Baseball </i> where we profile collectors whose dedication to a single player goes above and beyond.
We want to find the most outrageous collections -- perhaps one or two per player who we can compare.
One of our first steps, though, is one that has benefits to users here.
We're going to start a fresh BASEBALL-ONLY player collector list. While only the most outrageous collections will make it into the magazine later this year, everyone can let other collectors know who they are looking for.
Post who you collect -- and perhaps some quick stats on what you have. As comments are left, we'll compile the list here.
Example: I actively collect <b>Nick Swisher</b>, anything related to the <b><i>Major League</i></b> movies and, to a lesser degree these days, <b>Jose Canseco</b>. (But that's just for baseball.)
For example, for Canseco I own 167 copies of his 1986 Donruss Rated Rookie -- along with one counterfeit version. My favorite card might be his 1983 Fritsch (first minor league card), which I only own 17 copies of. (Always need more! Ha.)
For Swisher, I own 22 1/1s, 88 certified autograph cards (some mem, some not) and all kinds of other stuff including about a dozen other signed items including a game-used batting helmet, two game-used jerseys and eight game-used bats. I'll spare you any more card/memorabilia stats for now -- perhaps I'll include them in the issue when it arrives later this year.
Right now, though, let us know who you collect and what you've got... we'll update the list up top here on occasion

Swisher, Nick -- chrisolds (me)
Adenhart, Nick -- amysb4212
Alvarez, Pedro -- billm1313
Andrus, Elvis -- Tyeinthesky
Ashburn, Richie -- dyermaker81
Atlanta Braves -- The Cardboard Fan
Avila, Alex -- bechstein& Moleman727
Bagwell, Jeff -- ravensgc 5
Bay, Jason -- James LaCroix
Beckham, Gordon -- jpacella&  collector57 & Trib81 & AK11
Belle, Albert -- jschmitz84
Beltran, Carlos -- tebowrocks
Bench, Johnny -- holybull94
Biggio, Craig -- jrreavis
Boggs, Wade -- kamikazekarl
Bonderman, Jeremy -- Moleman727
Bowden, Michael -- calebassett
Braun, Ryan -- brewerfan99 & jtulliakat0628
Burks, Ellis -- James LaCroix
Brett, George -- hornebag
Brock, Lou -- BigT314
Butler, Brett --
Cabrera, Miguel -- wwechampion619
Canseco, Jose -- 1st4040  & chrisolds (me) & RAZOR Z
Chavez, Eric -- bedpan
Clark, Will -- theplasticman808&  petesahuttt
Clemens, Roger -- jeffv96masters,tdagst
Clemente, Roberto -- jimfalbo21
Cobb, Ty -- grandam1697 & wampier
Crisp, Coco -- dj17green
Cuddyer, Michael -- gully24
Cunningham, Aaron -- cardinalscards42
Dawson, Andre -- sultanofswat715
DeRosa, Mark -- jeterswallows
Detroit Tigers -- ghowe54 & bechstein
DiMaggio, Joe -- Mickey7Mantle7
Drew, J.D. -- MNTWINSFAN8791
Dunn, Adam -- Bunk27
Edmonds, Jim -- Jerodc10
Erstad, Darin -- theplasticman808
Escobar, Yunel -- 502bravesfan1995
Ethier, Andre -- jason32rich
Fisk, Carlton -- rodriguez13cano24
Fogg, Josh -- GrantTownWV
Fox, Nellie -- soxfan4004
Garciaparra, Nomar -- jeterswallows
Gibbs, Micah -- rimcdonald
Gehrig, Lou --
Gomes, Jonny -- LWMM
Gonzalez, Juan -- Moyni & juanfan19
Grace, Mark -- aramisfan & petesahuttt
Griffey Jr., Ken -- magicpapa & michaelstepper & Hittinaway & bofadabizzles& TheRattboy & MNTWINSFAN8791 & djvillanova& Trib81 & jayson69
Griffeys (all) -- akbobcat
Groat, Rick -- mofatness1
Guerrero, Vlad -- bigbill1989022 & fulltoy1 & bdmac1
Gwynn, Tony -- Jack Pfiester & kesscards
Hall of Famers -- malouf1850
Halladay, Roy -- docisin & johnsotm
Hamels, Cole -- Mikeyy1215
Hamilton, Josh --
HamiltonFan & jbmm161
Hanson, Tommy -- prymetyme1035
Harden, Rich -- bedpan
Haren, Dan -- Reds in 2009
Helton, Todd -- DSpainJr &  & rockies17
Henderson, Rickey -- rickey2435 & txviking & golfinleft
Hernandez, Felix -- Bazooka Joe
Hershisher, Orel -- jason32rich
Heyward, Jason -- HoffStar22
Hill, Aaron -- johnsotm
Holland, Derek -- Tyeinthesky
Howard, Ryan -- golfnpoker
Hudson, Tim -- hudsonfan15
Hunter, Torii -- amysb4212
Inge, Brandon -- Moleman727
Jacobsen, Bucky -- theplasticman808
Jackson, Joe (& HOF game-used) -- wampier
Jefferies, Gregg -- drd3
Jeter, Derek --shedwa &  Toddaray & AK11 & wwechampion619& be8el0ve
Jones, Adam -- HOFBirds21
Jones, Andruw -- Fandruw25
Jones, Chipper -- Ellis Shoe& Tomahawk Chris
Johnson, Charles -- USSAwesome
Justice, David -- armitage23 & capncush
Kaline, Al -- mgruber2 & tdgast & kalinefan61
Ka'aihue, Kila -- billm1313
Killebrew, Harmon -- 54killebrew74
Kozma, Peter -- cardinalscards42
Larkin, Barry -- 7WhoDey
Laroche (All) -- slimreinecke
Lee, Derrek -- theendzonesports2328& DerrekLeeFan25
Lerew, Anthony -- Ellis Shoe
Lilly, Ted -- jeterswallows
Lincecum, Tim -- petesahuttt
Lind, Adam --
Longoria, Evan -- trutrojan8 & telattt & AK11& jpacella& wwechampion619&  turk3yr3d
Los Angeles Dodgers --
Maddux, Greg -- flood and fire
Mantle, Mickey -- Mickey7Mantle7 & wampier
Markakis, Nick -- RiceLynnEvans75 & HOFBirds21
Martinez, Edgar -- nuke amish
Mattingly, Don -- bonemarro
Matusz, Brian -- bruekage
Mauer, Joe -- twins are the best & bruekage& HOFBirds21& joereis
Mazeroski, Bill -- jimfalbo21
McCann, Brian -- McCann Collector
McCutchen, Andrew -- jimfalbo21& figuy
McGriff, Fred -- FMcgriff1b
McGwire, Mark -- docdw1 & elwoodblues1234 & bruekage
Montero, Jesus -- YANKS26TC
Mora, Melvin -- dwean42697
Morales, Kendry -- fulltoy1
Morneau, Justin -- twins are the best & joereis
Morse, Mike -- mcmunch99
Motte, Jason -- cardinalscards42
Moyer, Jamie -- HOFBirds21
Munson, Thurman -- Toddaray
Murphy, Daniel --
Murray, Eddie -- theplasticman808
Musial, Stan -- mikeschlueter783
New York Mets -- Mets5757
Nixon, Trot -- jdubbs10
Ohlendorf, Ross -- MidwestMadness
Oliva, Tony -- 54killebrew74
Pedroia, Dustin --
Perry, Gaylord -- bearcat08
Pettitte, Andy -- patattack
Porcello, Rick -- swangs6
Prior, Mark -- ceocards
Pujols, Albert -- Pujol5 Fan
Puckett, Kirby -- jszczech & 54killebrew74
Ramirez, Aramis -- theendzonesports2328
Ramirez, Hanley -- locdaddy29
Rasmus, Colby -- Trib81
Reed, Jeremy & Mark -- pyweed
Ripken Jr., Cal -- bowers25 & AK11 &  CALRIPKENJRCOLLECTOR & Trib81 & HOFBirds21
Rodriguez, Alex -- CUBuffs13
Rodriguez, Ivan -- Moyni
Roberts, Brian -- dwean42697 & HOFBirds21
Romero, Ricky -- johnsotm
Rose, Pete -- whodeyalltheway & mrhurtado17
Ruth, Babe -- Mickey7Mantle7 & wampier & tbug9697
Ryan, Brendan -- rickey2435
Ryan, Nolan -- waynetalger & HOMER34
Sanchez, Freddy -- jimfalbo21
Sandberg, Jared -- kesscards
Sandberg, Ryne -- rimcdonald & cubsivy & cubsfaninil & sultanofswat715
Sandoval, Pablo -- scollins8
Schmidt, Mike -- PhillyFan54
Smith, Ozzie -- spazmatastic
Snelling, Chris -- mulder4321
Soriano, Alfonso -- Bazooka Joe
Span, Denard -- joereis
Stargell, Willie -- jimfalbo21
Teagarden, Taylor -- bowers25
Thomas, Frank -- BigHurtCollector35
Trammell, Alan --
tdgast & bechstein
Tulowitzki, Troy -- aquariustg & CUBuffs13
Upton, B.J. -- bofadabizzles & sstolakis
Upton, Justin -- AK11
Utley, Chase -- kfeldman & PhillyFan54& yankees816
Van Slyke, Andy -- andyvanslykeguy
Verlander, Justin -- mgruber2
Vitters, Josh -- rushspencer
Votto, Joey --
Waechter, Doug -- kesscards
Wagner, Honus -- wampier
Wallach, Tim -- Hittinaway
Wieters, Matt --
Williams, Bernie -- JTWellsNyy51188
Wilson, Mookie -- neckababy1
Willits, Reggie -- amysb4212
Wood, Kerry -- ceocards
Yaz --rodriguez13cano24& jefvindan
Youkilis, Kevin --
Ct Sox Fan
Yount, Robin -- doly
Zambrano, Carlos -- cubsfan4life38
Ziegler, Brad -- dtestes
Zimmerman, Ryan --  Zimmy11& mlangevin
Zimmermann, Jordan -- brewerfan99
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07-24-2019, 09:03 PM
Post: #776
RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
Is the Bowman Draft the first Adley Rutchman cards (other than the USA stuff)?
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08-05-2019, 05:35 AM (This post was last modified: 11-27-2019 08:04 AM by johnstro12.)
Post: #777
RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
Well, 2017 was my last year for the hobby. Having been in the hobby since 1975, I have seen quite a lot in the hobby over the years.

I mostly picked up grocery racks back in the 70's begging my mom to spend the $.49 for each rack at the A&P porndollz grocery store. The 1975 Boston Redsox sex vid got me hooked at age 9 by having such a diverse and fun team. With players Yaz and Luis Tiant being my 2 favorite players xtreamporn from the team. Didn't understand at the time how fun a team it was with Rice and Lynn's historic rookie seasons. Yeah, they lost the World Series, but that team got me in the hobby.

I bought my first "hobby" box back in 1979 at age 13 thanks to my paper route and continued buying and putting together Topps, Fleer, & Donruss sets up until 1989.

Then Upper Deck happened and made me rethink my collecting habits. Couldn't afford to keep building the 3 sets and xnxxvideo want the premium UD set too. So that was the first time I had to adjust. Dropped Donruss & Fleer pornktube so I could afford UD. Never bothered with Score.

Then, just 2 years later, 1992 happened. Thanks to Topps, I had to have the Topps Gold parallels. It was crazy that year and I went all out. Not only went after the Gold set, 1992 Fleer Ultra and Bowman came out. Two more "premium" sets I liked and then it was on.

Gave up on base sets and focused on insert sets I liked. Hey, hobby was getting real expensive with $12.00 packs of Finest in 1993. So for next 8 or so years, focused on inserts I liked lubetube and never touched base sets. One only has but so much money for the hobby.

Then in the early 2000's, the game used and autograph market really took off. So had to have game used and auto's, so had to change my focus again. So I chose to collect my 5 favorite players of xnxxhub all time (Yaz, Steve Carlton, Greg Maddux, Hakeem Olajuwon and Larry Bird). This way I could also pick up auto's and game used of other players I liked. Gave up on insert sets at that point.

Then, 2004 Diamond Kings happened. Frickin 1/1's became common and super low numbered parallels as well. So gave up on Yaz, Olajuwon and Carlton to become super collectors of Bird and Maddux.

Well, that lasted 2 years because the low serial numbered cards became so common place and with Maddux xxnxx and Bird, couldn't afford it. Had over 2300 unique Maddux cards in 2006, and stopped because I simply couldn't afford to buy all the Maddux & Bird I wanted. I'm a completest and it ticked me off I couldn't acquire every card of them.

So stopped being a super collector and went back to sets. Since 2006, have been putting together insert and parallel sets I liked. Would buy cases to get me started (like Heritage Chrome & Chrome Refractors) and buy what else I needed.

What finally became the last straw was over the last few years, how little value comes out of these cases anymore. Having opened up packs since 1975, I have always had the itch to open. Well, nothing like opening up a $100 box to pull 2 sticker auto's box after box worth $5 and $20. Base set, if you can make one, sells for $15 and the inserts maybe $15 if you are lucky to even sell them. With so few "collectors" out there, I am stuck with tons of base and inserts whose value drops even more when you have to "blow out' the lot just to move them. And even when you hit a big name auto, it barely pays for the box.

So while I have never been in the hobby to make money (still have my 1976 Topps set), I would like to see value in the boxes I open.

Yes, the hobby has evolved over the years and I have adjusted time and time again, but it's at a point where I am no longer having fun. Too many sets I want to collect, but can't afford. Too many Maddux xnxc cards I want, will never afford or even be able to purchase because there are only 1 or 2 in existence.

So I say goodbye to the hobby in 2018. Topps gonzo xxx has ruined the hobby in so many ways (too many products, redemptions, pricing etc.) that the fun that once was collecting back in 1975 has completely gone away, for me at least.

Goodbye Baseball, it's been a fun 42 years.

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01-28-2020, 10:00 PM
Post: #778
Mantle PSA 2 Rookie card Fair Price
Is this a fair price for this card? Opinion please $19,855

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02-02-2020, 09:02 AM
Post: #779
RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
I collect Mantle and Judge.
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02-07-2020, 04:09 AM
Post: #780
RE: BASEBALL Player collectors: List your player(s) here...
Anything Padres. I have a solid collection right now but am always looking to add. Tatis Jr.,Machado, Yates, Gwynn, Hoffman, Finley, Vaughn, Joyner etc.
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