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Beckett Baseball: Ask the editor

RE: Beckett Baseball: Ask the editor
Hey Chris is the current baseball monthly with Corey seager on the cover the rookie rolodex issue? It's the one I buy every year.

RE: Beckett Baseball: Ask the editor
do you know the numbering of the print magazines and the month/year each was published?

specifically for Beckett Baseball Card Monthly, Beckett Baseball (the 2 different editions) Beckett Sports Card Monthly, and Beckett Baseball Card Plus?

to be even more specific, during the years 2007-2009.

So far my queries have all fallen on deaf ears or statements that the information is not known. A article I wrote posted in the help section of the forum detailing what exactly was my queries and Beckett's response was removed for some reason so I am asking here instead, can you help me?

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Trading and Buying 1952 Bowman baseball, contact me if you have some to trade/sell.

Need card advice

please can you help me out with the down attached card. This is a Clemente black framed base variation card without serial numbering (#17).

All framed base variations which I could find have a red/brown frame but no black. I thought that only the 1/1 should have a black frame but in this case there should be the numbering on it.

Searched and searched but found no answer.....

Thanks for your help

[img][Image: image.jpg1_zps18cpxjx1.jpg][/img]
[Image: image.jpg1_zps476yyaiu.jpg]
Images courtesy of comc.com

2016 Topps Donaldson #200 variation
Hi...I need some help with finding a card that I have from the Topps 2016 Series One that doesn't seem to be listed in the inventory here. I recently bought a pack of this specific set and received a card featuring Josh Donaldson #200 in a different picture than the ones listed for him in the set. Your inventory lists 2 variations of cards for Donaldson #200...one regular card showing him swinging away in a blue jersey and another with a "camo" distinction. I seem to have a third of him running the bases in a white uniform with the same number 200. I know that Topps did up to 3 variations of certain players/cards in this site. I was wondering if instead of their being 2 variations for Donaldson, there are in fact 3 instead. Could this be possible and if so, any idea of the value? I have received a couple of card variations from this set (i.e. Miguel Sano #78 - Out of the Dugout, etc.). Could the Donaldson be another perhaps?

Thank you for your help! E

RE: Beckett Baseball: Ask the editor
Obviously this dude just isnt here anymore or care
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RE: Beckett Baseball: Ask the editor
Filling a 2006 Upper Deck baseball set. Card 180, Mark Woodyard, can't be found anywhere. Any ideas why this card is apparently non existant?
I'm collecting baseball cards, not investing. Only base sets, no inserts or spec

RE: Beckett Baseball: Ask the editor
is the 1992 1993 stadium dome jeters rookie

RE: Beckett Baseball: Ask the editor
Chris has been gone from Beckett for a while now. Perhaps one of the mods should lock this thread as no one is going to answer these questions.

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