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2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder

2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder
If you want to trade here are a few rules of trading etiquette you should try to follow:

1.  If you request $20 or higher valued cards, have $20 or higher valued cards available on your side
2.  Don't mark you cards as "Mint" and then expect equal value trades since your cards are premium priced
3.  Either respond or cancel a trade request from others to you within 5 days (at least respond that you will be delayed)
4.  Either respond or accept a counteroffer from others to you within 3 days (same as #3 above)
5.  Do not use Scotch or clear packing tape on toploaders or sleeves
6.  Give feedback upon completion of the trade

Are any of these asking too much?  Please feel free to comment or add your own trading etiquette items.

By the way, I do not have rules that autos have to be traded for autos, or parallels for parallels, etc.  But, if all you have are $5 or less valued cards, chances are you will not be able to complete a trade for the better or newer stuff.

Another thing that I have trouble with is trading with others that have not purchased anything new in the past 5+ years.  It does not mean your stuff is crap at all, but I would have already acquired the older stuff if I wanted it.

RE: 2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder
I agree on most of these. Sometimes I will trade a nice card for lower end cards, but most of the time would like something in the same vicinity. I only mark cards mint or gem mint if they are graded. I always appreciate a message from a trader if they cancel the trade, but don't always get one. I have many questions after they cancel the trade and don't tell me why. I always send a comment no matter what and would appreciate the same. Painter's tape is the way to go for sure, but I understand some people may not have that on hand. Hopefully many trades are coming your way.

RE: 2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder
I was thinking of making a post just the other day about cards marked as mint. I have seen a few people lately marking all of their cards as mint, so I know they aren't graded 10s. It actually made me just give up and not send a trade offer because I couldn't figure out what the actual value should be on $30-$40 worth of base and $1-$5 parallels/inserts. It just didn't seem worth the effort to send an open offer and try to have a potentially awkward conversation where I tell the guy that if his cards are just pack-pulled, then they're 8s, not 10s.

RE: 2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder
One more I would add is if you can’t find a card let the other trader pick replacement card(s). Do not assume that you can give them cards just to match BV. Even if the other owner has expressed interest on the team or players you are adding.

RE: 2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder
Seems reasonable to me.

RE: 2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder
open offer sent

RE: 2022 Trading Etiquette Reminder
(02-06-2022, 02:15 PM)franciscomarina Wrote: open offer sent
Got it, thanks.

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