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Looking to make some Moves

Looking to make some Moves
Took a long break from it all for a while wife and I had a baby, in between 3 different jobs since July and got injured at the latest one. just kinda starting to feel like myself again and need to unload TONS of stuff. See anything you need send a trade. I got a few I'm currently working on as we speak. I am looking for certain things however. I'm in the process of opening a store hopefully within the next 6-12 months with my brother in-law so looking for things we can move in the store. I will look at all trades however and no trade is too small. Work with me however if Im looking at just 1 $20 card for 3 cards that you may want that each are 6-8. It may not seem ideal to most and I understand but I currently do need bulk back in return unless you do happen to have local stuff I feel I can move aka Bruins, Celtics, Pats, Sox. Anyway hope to see some trades roll in! Take Care and Stay Safe!!

RE: Looking to make some Moves
Was able to get 10 trades done since this post and moved out quite a bit but would like to move more! Keep those trades rolling in everyone! Thanks Again!

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