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looks like BGS lost my cards

looks like BGS lost my cards
My express older arrived BGS on 04/06/21, and graded completed on 4/16/21. However, they stopped in "label printed" for 2 months without. 

 After aggressively contact BGS for 1 month, one of the sale managers help me to check the condition. After 1 week, they said my order was lost. They will keep try to find my cards, and process claim for this. 

 Did any one have the experience of card lost in BGS company? Do they compensate me just base on delcared value or will they research the price online and pay for this?   Huh

RE: looks like BGS lost my cards
Declared value needs a) proof of actual purchase price and b) actual original sales receipts.
Did you keep original receipts of purchase costs? I'd start looking if you don't have them readily available.

Just from personal experience I've had to eat quite a few losses over the years from shipping company headaches thru lost items. 

Sadly I have personal experience on a Jordan card of all things.
Order was labeled, packaged, mailed. All arrived except the Jordan
Negotiated a replacement cost for the grade level ( was a BGS 4.5 on an older Star company card)
In no way shape of form did it come close to actual compensation I expected to get back
Was shippers fault not BGS though in that case

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