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A new old ERROR

A new old ERROR
I just bought a collection and came across these 2 cards a 1996-97 SP Verbeek #41 and the same card but instead it says Adam Oates. I'm an Adam Oates collector so should I keep the card or try to sell it?

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[Image: th_RGrc1jpg.jpg]Collecting R.Bourque and all Bruins cards![Image: th_RSrc1jpg.jpg]

RE: A new old ERROR
Printing errors like this weren't uncommon in the 1990s. An error like this would have value to SP set collectors or Adam Oates super collectors. Seems like the card found its way to the right collection Smile. Hold onto it and enjoy the error!

RE: A new old ERROR
I would keep it as an Oates novelty since you collect him

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