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another box of 20-21 Certified

another box of 20-21 Certified
Decided to try another box of certified. Results below

-LaMello Ball Gold Team insert

-Tyrese Haliburton graffiti insert 2020

-Spencer Dinwiddie 4/25 parallel

-Daniel Oturu blue parallel

-Kawahi Leonard red parallel

-Lonnie Walker blue parallel

-Kyle Kuzma red parallel

-LaMello Ball common RC

-Donovan Mitchell sticker autograph

-Jaden McDaniel Fabrics of the game #'d 81/99 autograph jersey

-RJ Hampton graffiti 2020 insert

-Marc Gasol red parallel

-Donovan Mitchell gold team insert

-Zach Lavine blue parallel

-Kevin Porter jr. blue parallel

-Udoka Azubuike red parallel

Steph Curry red parallel

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