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2020 RFFG - Race #36 - STANDINGS

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
spazmatastic Wrote:Sorry Tom, but I disagree. I thought that was an excellent race. Sure, it had some boring parts but the contenders put on a show. Chase finally ran away in the end, but getting to those final 50 or so laps was quite exciting. And how about JJ ending his Cup career by finishing the race in 5th place, right behind the title contenders?! I really enjoyed that race and I'm glad that Elliott won the race and the title.
First, Maybe it was the coverage that was bad...when i looked at the final finishing positions, there was absolutely no coverage of spots 5-15...

second, there was no drama in who was going to finish top five...it was going to be the 9, 2, 22, 11, and then probably the 48...you mean Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick, who dominate at the front of that track, never were near the front? Kyle Busch has finished in the Top Five in Phoenix 9 of the last 10 races there...come on. Harvick has finished in the top five 12 of the last 14 races...those two guys were never even on the screen...

Chase started in the back, and the field just let him drive to the front...he was in the top five by lap 10 it seemed like.

when the four of them were racing, it was good. They must have forgotten to give Hamlin the pctane boosted fuel, because he just was not as good, but Chase catching Logano was really good. Keselowski would have made it interesting if his pit crew didn’t screw him twice...that last pit stop destroyed his chances when they struggled with that right rear. Bad pit stops, no cautions, no track position, especially when the leader is running all by himself.

Go and watch the Truck race...there were guys in the mix that were not in the finals. I do not want to see late race cautions necessarily, but man, it does make it exciting.

Back to Fox in February...the coverage will be better, there should be practice again, and 2021 will be more like what we expect...
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RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36 - STANDINGS
They did cover JJ several times and Kyle some too, esp. when he was diving down off the track in the dogleg. But yeah, most of the coverage was the Top 4. I was surprised that Harvick finished 7th when he ran in 14th most of the race. Kyle's car was just not good on old tires and that's why he dropped through the Top 10 to finish 11th. FOX definitely has better coverage than NBC and they are adding Bowyer in 2021, so that should make it even better.

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