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2020 RFFG - Race #36 - STANDINGS

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
I'll take kyle busch for this one

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
The picks are written down. Unfortunately, Mikel (stellar) did not make a pick and has no FP's left. He could stay in 3rd or drop as far as 5th. Here's the roundup: 3 picks for Hamlin, 2 picks for Harvick and Elliott, 1 pick for Logano and Rowdy. Good luck everyone! I hope it's a good race to wrap up the season.

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
Based on the Xfinity and Truck races, there is probably going to be an overtime finish. The restarts are going to have cars everywhere and fresh tires at the end are going to make the difference.
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RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
I have to agree with you on that. Unfortunately, restarts were about the only interesting parts of those races.

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
Congratulations to Chase Elliott on the championship. Congrats to Paul for winning the Fantasy championship. It has been a fun year and I hope to see you all again next season.
Over 2,100 different Matt Kenseth cards collected and looking for more.

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
[Image: marksig1.jpg]


RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
I am glad i recorded that snooze fest...so grateful for fast forward.

Let me go on record as saying that this Championship Race thing is nothing like any other Championship...the Super Bowl is a spectacle. This was cr@p.

Congrats to Chase Elliott...it was clear that they gave his car the extra extra HP today.
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RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
I was honestly surprised there wasn't more cautions during the race today. I didn't expect them to go caution-free for essentially the entire race. I figured the caution flag would have a work-out, especially near the end.
Over 2,100 different Matt Kenseth cards collected and looking for more.

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
Sorry Tom, but I disagree. I thought that was an excellent race. Sure, it had some boring parts but the contenders put on a show. Chase finally ran away in the end, but getting to those final 50 or so laps was quite exciting. And how about JJ ending his Cup career by finishing the race in 5th place, right behind the title contenders?! I really enjoyed that race and I'm glad that Elliott won the race and the title.

I also really enjoyed the Panthers/Chiefs NFL game today, even though the Panthers came up 2 points short. That was a fantastic game with tons of highlights for both teams on both sides of the ball! The Panthers are looking really good for the future. By the way, this was the 5th straight former MVP QB (Season and/or Super Bowl MVP) that they have faced this season and Brady is coming up again next weekend! If you're curious, they faced Matt Ryan, Nick Foles, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan again, and then Mahomes today. They also faced Brady in Week #2. While the 2020 Panthers are losing most games (with close scores), they are certainly fun to watch! I really like what Coach Rhule and OC Joe Brady are doing with the offense and special teams. The defense is starting to gel as well. I'm loving this drastic change that the owner has made.

RE: 2020 RFFG - Race #36
Here is where our drivers finished the final race and then the final points standings for 2020:

1st - Chase Elliott (17SP)
3rd - Joey Logano (18SP)
4th - Hamlin (16SP)
7th - Harvick
11th - Kyle Busch (8SP)

1. pbo - 1400
2. wsc - 1296
3. a9a - 1271
4. kd80 - 1245
5. stel - 1232
6. dun - 1191
7. csc - 1124
8. spaz - 1103
9. c4us - 1092
10. lead - 914
11. kev - 316
12. jas - 163
13. jay - 44

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