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2020 National Treasures set to release on 11/13

2020 National Treasures set to release on 11/13
NT is set to release on 11/13/2020. Box price is around $400 for 8 cards! Even though it's $100 cheaper than past releases, it's still ridiculous to me. Four of the cards will be AU'd, 3 will be RU'd and then a single base card. One of those 8 cards will be a booklet. I'm not touching this one, just like I didn't bother with the previous 2 NT products.

The sell sheet can be found here: www.tcdb.com/ViewSet.cfm/sid/245194/2020-Panini-National-Treasures

I'd rather buy 4 boxes of Chronicles or Prizm than one box of NT! I don't know why Panini keeps trying the super-premium crap in NASCAR. Damn case breakers is why, but that can't last forever. Panini clearly hasn't done their research on NASCAR card history. Super-premium cards didn't work for Press Pass and they did it way better than Panini. But they still dropped Showcase after 4 years and only made two releases of Five-Star in 5 years. I really wish Panini would pick 4 products to release each year and stick with them. Changing them up constantly isn't going to work. That's part of what buried PP in the final 5 years. PP was in it for 20 years while Panini has just now hit the 5-year mark. And Panini has NO competition while PP had tons of competition for the 1st decade.

Sorry for the rant. I didn't mean to type all of that but Panini bringing NT back is just stupid to me. Especially bringing it back THIS year.

RE: 2020 National Treasures set to release on 11/13
Prime has been huge both in 2018 and especially the 2019 release. Granted, it is not the $400 price tag that NT will be, but the Jumbo Patch cards are hot, hot, hot...

Will a super premium release be successful? I think that it is the perfect time, from a business stand point, to do it, because there has been so little product out there that there will definitely be a market. I'm not sure how this will go as a case break option - that's a lot of $$$ to risk on not getting a hit, but maybe Jason has a better feel for the market right now. I know I stopped buying into those when I got shut out a few times in a row...better to just buy singles or bite the bullet and buy a box.

As for me buying NT? Nope, not going to happen on this end. That price tag for what will certainly be a Panini version of a premium release (which means Meh...some great cards and a bunch of mediocre stuff) is definitely not worth it for me.

In fact, I am looking at a case of 2016 Certified, but I have been holding off because I think I am going to be done with the whole of it soon...
Looking for:
2012 Total Memorabilia Tony Stewart Melting
TripleĀ 1/1
Quad 1/1
Jumbo 1/1
Hot Rod Relics 1/1

05 Studio Portraits Bob Feller (45/56, 80% complete)

I collect Tony Stewart, Bob Feller, Steve Yzerman, Victor Martinez.


RE: 2020 National Treasures set to release on 11/13
BIG SURPRISE!!! Tongue NT has been bumped all the way back to December 9th.

If they end up with redemption cards in the boxes, that will destroy NT this year and hopefully forever. I've never been a fan of NT and its ridiculous price. It has no place in NASCAR. I really wish Panini would just stop trying to make super-premium NASCAR products. For the same cost of an 8-card box, a collector can buy 5 brand new 1/24th scale die-cast cars. There's more cardboard in the packaging of those than there is in the cards. But that cardboard contains a bunch of metal and it's not just a few tiny half-inch squares!

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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