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Remedies for the Retail Sharks

Remedies for the Retail Sharks
Stopped by a Target today at lunch time (had to pick up a couple of things) and I checked out the card section and much to my surprise, there was acutally something there:

Several Donruss blasters, Donruss Complete Sets, Leaf Charlie Hustle (with a Pete Rose auto per box), Allen & Ginter three packs, and Allen & Ginter fat packs.  Maybe the reason why something was there was that there was a new sign up since I had last been in that particular Target limiting Trading Cards to 2 per customer.

Now that is one remedy for the retail sharks.

But I thought of another one:

Collectors who buy boxes, post your bad breaks!

If you look at online breaks and posted breaks, you might get the impression that every box is good - even from retail, 
you mainly see people posting their top hits.  It might make  you think that every box is good.

Of course, if you buy boxes you know that isn't the case - you know that boxes rarely ever match their value - especially retail - and that is even when prices are normal.  

But people - and i know I am like this too - tend to only post good breaks - but rarely, do you see people posting the bad breaks.  Indeed, I even have heard people defend this - but I think that is encouraging the retail sharks and people to pay too much for boxes.

Indeed, I often do not get retail blaster boxes because they are not worth it - so I say in the interest of consumers, when you open a bad box, post it for the world to see.  

In that spirit, I present a bad break

2020 Luminance Hobby - Cost $200 (retail price should have been around $100 - and even at $100 this was a rough break)
Pack 1 - 250 Points
Pack 2 - Marquise Brown relic
Pack 3 - Steven Montez auto /399 (udfa rookie qb)
Pack 4 - John Hightower on card auto (5th round wideout)

Okay, its not retail, but wow that was a seriously bad box.

But remember, when you open a bad box, do your part for consumer protection and let everyone know.

And that also helps with the biggest solution for retail sharks - people not paying overinflated prices on the secondary market - remember, retail football is generally a terrible value at discounted prices.   So deter the retail sharks by posting your bad breaks and letting the world know just how bad they are.

RE: Remedies for the Retail Sharks
Best remedy, though obviously unrealistic. Must open packs before leaving store!
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RE: Remedies for the Retail Sharks
This is a great point ... it's like the idiot that paid $185 for a Mosaic basketball blaster and walked out of the LCS feeling like a champ because he pulled a Zion RC valued at $60 and which is currently available on Doosh Bay for $38.99 ...

But the Doosh Bag LCS owner told him it was a $600 card, so that became his reality because he wasn't smart enough to look up the card on his own.

Point being, there are a whole lot of non-free thinkers out there right now that can be educated as to the relatively low value of this stuff and might potentially start to leave it alone.

In general I do try to post the good, bad and ugly of all my breaks, but you're right, maybe a more representative sampling of every break would be eye opening for these "new collectors."

RE: Remedies for the Retail Sharks
All of the Riley Ridley autos and memorabilia cards I got last year should scare anyone away from $600 hobby boxes.

RE: Remedies for the Retail Sharks
ZSDOne Wrote:All of the Riley Ridley autos and memorabilia cards I got last year should scare anyone away from $600 hobby boxes.
And that's the ultimate point, right?

What people do not acknowledge often enough is that card companies are basically casinos ... they stay in business for a reason.

If every baseball box contained a Mike Trout auto, every basketball box contained a LeBron James auto and every football box contained a Tom Brady auto, they'd eventually go broke, because it would cost more to put the cards on the market than they receive in profits coming back.

Trading card packs and boxes are like slot machines ... the big hits are there but they are far outnumbered by the thousands more where you open the product and go, "wow, got nothing there."  

The only difference is that, unlike a bad slot machine pull in which you literally get nothing, you can still go back and find joy in the hidden gems that you didn't realize you had at first.

(See my Arozarena baseball thread for more on this.)

If we're being really honest with ourselves, I think we can all admit we've generally taken losses on almost everything we buy - especially if we never sell.

Obviously that doesn't factor in the intrinsic value and enjoyment of opening, sorting and protecting your cards in holders and binders and what not, but in general trading cards are a losing proposition.

RE: Remedies for the Retail Sharks
Ouch lol
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