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6 box break

6 box break
Opened 6 boxes on Saturday. Nothing earth shattering but did add plenty of rcs to my pc.

[Image: CC1-A4487-5-EC4-4788-BB76-60-ACE12-AC865.jpg]

18/19 Ice
[Image: 00061493-A6-AD-4525-BF46-AD105-DC14-FC0.jpg]

16/17 UD Series 2
[Image: 8-B803730-B3-EE-427-F-8-BA0-B6-F3-E5902-FFE.jpg]

18/19 SPX
[Image: B69-F9-CCF-D149-492-C-A269-C7-BE5-CD78-DFB.jpg]

19/20 SPX 
[Image: 997-B1515-4-E4-C-446-E-8-C3-A-EA6-CBBB2-C1-D2.jpg]

19/29 UD Series 2
[Image: 4-A54-D0-C3-9-CDD-4-C06-9-B92-0-B209-EDD06-C9.jpg]
[Image: A0742-AEF-C65-D-4129-901-E-5602-F32-F7548.jpg]

RE: 6 box break
Any good Knights, Art?

RE: 6 box break
RJ, that seems to be one team that I rarely get any hits for

RE: 6 box break
I think that you did pretty well. The Clear Cut YG, Laine, and a few others are very nice. That Fox would have been a stellar hit not too long ago. Tongue Thanks for sharing!


RE: 6 box break
Nice cards I think you did all right., I would be happy with that Paajarvi.
Always looking for Oiler Cards.  
Currently have 17k + different Oilers Cards
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Black Diamond up to 14-15 SPs 
Need 18 McDonald Inserts
Need 5 OPC 09-10 Canadian Heroes Rainbow
Need 5 OPC 12-13 Popups
Need 6 97-98 Donruss Preferred
Need 2 02-03 Topps Heritage
All wants listed in org

RE: 6 box break
ahvjr Wrote:RJ, that seems to be one team that I rarely get any hits for
Well, shucks.

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