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I am in need of basketball cards ranging from $3-$15 in football.  My only requirements are that it is one of the following; 

1) Rookie
2) Insert / Color / Parallel
3) Game Used / Auto
4) Must be 2019 or 2020 and only Prizm, Select, Optic, are other high end brands.

I am willing to trade cards that are $50-$500 in BV.  Trade must be at least 3x my favor in book value.  I am starting to load about 200 mid to high end basketball cards so if there is a player and/or team you'd be interested in and have the inventory I am looking for let me know and I will prioritize it!
Currently liquidating 99% of my inventory. Mostly 2019 and 2020 Product! Every team well represented. I prefer to sell but always trade. I collect vintage Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, and Walter Payton. I also collect Tom Brady and Michael Jordan. Everyone else is available!!! Wants are marked!

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