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John Elway #/50 auto
John Elway #/50 auto
Hi all - First post and I'm hoping to track down some info.  I pulled this John Elway auto #20/50 card from a pack of 1995 collector's choice when I was but a lad back in 1995.  It immediately went into a sleeve and top loader and was stored away.  25 years and 5 moves later, I stumbled back upon it going through some of my old cards and frankly, if I wasn't holding it, I wouldn't believe it existed because I can't find any trace of it or its purported 49 siblings anywhere.  There are no autos listed for the 1995 CC set here at Beckett.  There haven't been any ebay listings/sales that I can find.  Any ideas on how/where I can track down the story of what I have here and what it may be worth?

[Image: 69dL7Gi1JUXkaki9UkLrpKEp50086NTbGmqoI6n7...authuser=0]

RE: John Elway #/50 auto
The picture didn't come through. I believe collector's choice was doing a lot of promo cards during that time, but I don't know if I've ever heard of a promo auto. There are a few guys on here like jplarson who can sometimes pull a rabbit out of their hat, maybe they can help you out. Good luck!
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