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3 packs of 2020 Legacy (and Score) /w Scans

3 packs of 2020 Legacy (and Score) /w Scans
Went to the LCS to pick up some 5000 ct boxes and some 9-card pages (lol!) and saw some packs of 2020 Legacy.  I did alright a year ago so I picked up 3 packs.  The luck was strong with me today!

The Lamb is 08/25.  Everything is FT in the org, to the pry the Lamb out of my grip it's gonna take a pretty strong Finest card to get the job done.

Also in 3 trips to different Targets wound up getting some Score and surprisingly a couple hanger packs of 2020 Chronicles.  Reply forthcoming on those.

RE: 3 packs of 2020 Legacy /w Scans
Can't complain about getting one of the autos out of three packs

RE: 3 packs of 2020 Legacy /w Scans
After reading RJ's note on gravity fed packs, figured I'd try those amongst some others.

5x 12 card gravity fed packs
4x 40 card hanger packs
1x 60 card hanger box
1x 132 card blaster box

Gravity results:

All of the packs yielded 2 black parallel rookies with one pack including 3 black parallels, the third was a veteran.  I wonder how rare veterans are based on my small sample size.  Best rookie parallel was Jordan Love.  Also found 2 Bears (Trubisky, Fuller) base which is awesome.  Finished off with a Tom Brady TB-2003 tribute card

Hanger results:

12 red base parallels with a highlight of Bears Roquan Smith.  The 3 red insert parallels brought a Tom Brady Gameface.  3 more Bears (Montgomery, Robinson, and Mack) plus rookies like Cole Kmet and Jalen Hurts (Alabama).  I better have finished off some of these insert sets!

Hanger box results:

No Rise Up mem card this time around.  No major names for the purple parallels for base or inserts.  Rookies include Jalen Hurts (OU), Justin Herbert, and Jerry Jeudy.  Scored (heh) 2 more Bears, Cohen and Hicks.

Blaster results:

Gold parallels seem to fall every other pack.  I wound up with 6 base golds and 1 insert gold parallel.  For the base it was 3 rookies (Jacob Eason), and 3 parallels.  Also got rookies of Jordan Love, Justin Herbert, Jerry Jeudy, Jake Fromm, and Joe Burrow (LSU).  Another Brady tribute card popped out, TB-2018.  I like many others will complain about collation, but hard to complain when it comes in the form of 2 Brady base cards.

I have lots to go through, hope to have dupes and needs updates in the org by tomorrow.


RE: 3 packs of 2020 Legacy (and Score) /w Scans
Very nice!

The Brady tributes must be relatively rare, I didn't pull any and busted a decent amount of Score.

RE: 3 packs of 2020 Legacy (and Score) /w Scans
Man, you had crazy luck with quarterbacks! Those rookies could end up being good investments lol.
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