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Poll: Would you attend a NASCAR race right now?
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1 25.00%
2 50.00%
Only with precautions...
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Depends on the options of NASCAR...
1 25.00%
Total 4 vote(s) 100%
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Should I go to the Martinsville Fall race this year?

Should I go to the Martinsville Fall race this year?
With the pandemic continuing to create concerns for all sports and even normal public gatherings, would you go to a race in October or November at ANY track?!

I have attended the Martinsville Cup race in the Fall for 4 of the last 5 races there. I missed the year that the Charlotte Roval first happened b/c that was a way better choice! With everything that is happening this year, I am debating attending any race in-person this year at all. I just want to know what you guys think as well. I still really want to go to the race, but there are some concerns all around. The most pressing concern is that my mother and grandfather are highly susceptible to the virus and they usually go with me to the race. I certainly wouldn't bring them with me this year!!! But I also don't want to attend the race by myself. I know how to socially distance myself and I also have unlimited access to medical-grade face masks.
But I'm still not sure that I want to put myself in that situation IF NASCAR does allow fans in the stands at the race. Would you consider being in the stands if NASCAR allows it in early November?

RE: Should I go to the Martinsville Fall race this year?
I voted No, but not because of the Virus. I think that being at events will be fine by, well, right now, and certainly by October...

I do not support NASCAR in their reaction to "social justice." The continued pandering is disgusting, and I think it is having the exact opposite effect on the racing fan community.
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RE: Should I go to the Martinsville Fall race this year?
I really don't have an opinion about NASCAR's sudden stance on "social justice". So that doesn't play into my concerns about attending a race later this year. As for right NOW, I would not attend any event (sports or otherwise) due to the "pandemic". I still don't personally know anyone who has contracted the virus. With the recent confirmed tests for Jimmie Johnson and Felipe Massa, along with many NBA and MLB players testing positive, I still would not feel safe in an environment with thousands of other people. Even with face masks on everyone, I would not feel totally safe. I can't say those thoughts will not change before the race in Martinsville, but I would still take extra precautions if I did go to the race that I've never even thought about before this year.

RE: Should I go to the Martinsville Fall race this year?
President Trump's stupid tweet about NASCAR ratings falling is completely false and shows me that he is almost as dim-witted as the last Bush to be President. He also has no knowledge of the sport or media as he blames Bubba for perpetuating a "hoax" when Bubba had nothing to do with the reports. How does Trump not know how to stay off Twitter until he has actual facts?! What an idiot and then he jumps on this almost a month later.

NASCAR TV ratings were up 8% since the return to racing in May vs. the races in the same slots from 2019. Ratings are up another 8% since the Talladega race. The races from Indy this weekend had much higher ratings than in the past (including the IndyCar race). Of course the initial return-race increases could be contributed to them being the only sport with live action at the time. But other sports are live now too and don't appear to affect NASCAR viewership.
As for "the racing fan community", NASCAR has been losing them in droves over the past two decades. It's time they win over some new fans as the previous fans will probably not come back anyway. So many left the sport after Dale Sr.'s death and those fans of his that stuck around only did so for Dale Jr. and Harvick. Gordon, Stewart and Dale Jr. retiring recently has diminished their fan-base more than the constant changes NASCAR has made over the past decade. What NASCAR has done with tracks for personal experiences is what is keeping them alive b/c people are more willing to watch the race on TV instead of being at the track. The same thing is happening in ALL sports! Access to the event via TV without having to be there is where all sports are leaning b/c that's where the money is now. Most sports facilities now have less seats than they used to have because the tickets aren't being sold. While personal attendance is down, viewership goes up, and that increases the value of advertising spots during the event. Thus the value of the broadcasting rights go up tremendously.
I'd much rather sit at home watching a sporting event on TV where a beer costs me less than a dollar than go to the track or ballpark/stadium where a beer costs me $8 and I have to limit myself b/c I still have to drive back home. The in-person experience is still worth the money, but not usually for continually repeated experiences. I've enjoyed every NASCAR race I've been to so far, but I'm not going to multiple races each season, even at the same tracks. I've been to 1 NFL game in Charlotte and enjoyed the experience, but I'll probably never do it again purely for the cost of tickets! I've been to MLB games in Cleveland and St. Louis and I'd do those again IF I happened to be in the area, but only b/c the outfield seats are pretty cheap. I spent more money on drinks at both MLB games than I did for the ticket! Even if I lived in those cities, I still wouldn't go to more than a couple of games over the entire season. And they (usually) have 81 games per year at the stadiums.

I still don't feel like it is a good idea to attend ANY sporting event this year, so I probably won't. I was hoping to get more responses to this thread through.

RE: Should I go to the Martinsville Fall race this year?
I guess I really WILL NOT attend a race at M'ville this year. I just checked tickets and the price jumped by a bunch! The price for the same seats I had the past 2 years are about $14 higher per ticket!!! I'm not paying that much more for the same spot I sat in the past 2 years. If the tickets are that much higher, how much more would I have to pay for a soda (usually over-priced @ $4) or the "Famous $2 Hotdog"?! BTW, that "famous" hotdog really is no different from any hotdog I've had elsewhere. And I can also find good ones for $2 at some places around here.
I hate to break my streak of seeing a live race each year at 6, but I'm not paying extra money to fill in for the empty seats M'ville is clearing for social distancing (if they are even doing that). I'd have to buy tickets to know if they blank the other seats around me. It's not worth the money or the risk. I'd much rather watch it from home like the rest of you!

Watch JJ win that race when I'm not there to see it!!!

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