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Cards for trade

Cards for trade
Hello everyone,

I have my org updated with cards for trade. Basketball, baseball and football available. Mostly looking for basketball but would trade for certain baseball cards too.

Please feel free to send offers my way.

RE: Cards for trade
Hello everyone! I have made several great trades. I have continued to add cards to my org. Please send offers if you see anything of interest. Hope everyone is having a great weeekend!

RE: Cards for trade
Hello everyone!

Bumping this back up again. Since I first posted in these forums I have made 15 trades, which is amazing. Not all trade discussions have materialized into a trade but I do appreciate the discussions. i am very happy back in the hobby and have continued to load more cards for trade.

Please look at my org and send me offers.

RE: Cards for trade
Offer sent. Thanks!
Collecting Nolan Ryan, Michael Jordan, Robin Yount, Brewers Topps parallels and Jonathan Lucroy in a Brewers uni

Nolan Ryan Collection : 2172 different
Lucroy Brewers Collection : 587/595 non 1/1's (98.7%) and 63 1/1's

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