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2002 Crown Royale

2002 Crown Royale
Been looking for box of this to start collecting the set. I love the flag die-cut.  Saw one for 79.00 on E-bay so I grabbed it since I've seen them over $100.  I was able to complete 42.5% of the set with only 4 duplicates.  

Here are the notables:
10 Red Parallel /525 the only one of any significance was Marvin Harrison

4 Blue Parallels /175 
T. Green

6 Pro Bowl Honors
T. Davis
E. James
C. Martin
J. Rice
T. Brady

2 Sunday Soldiers:
Ashlie Lelie
T. Brady

2 Triple Threads

The Brady will trade nicely and the Moss/Rice/Bruce Jersey should as well.  I can't think of a worse combination of players for a Cowboys Triple Thread Jersey card.
I collect Ray Lewis, Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, Kellen Winslow Sr..  I no longer keep my Org here up to date. Please check with me.  Here is a thread with links to my inventory.

RE: 2002 Crown Royale
I read this as 2020 Crown Royale for some reason and was very confused for a few moments ... especially when I saw "Kitna" ... I was like, who is still making Jon Kitna cards in 2020?

And why and how is Crown Royale out already? LOL

Nice pulls there though.

RE: 2002 Crown Royale
Hambrick - lol
NY Giants and HOF/legend/superstar collector.
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