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What is everyone looking for?

What is everyone looking for?
Personally im looking for

Barry Bonds 
Ken Griffey Jr
Bryce Harper
Nolan Arenado
Cody Bellinger

90s basketball rookies and inserts
90s baseball inserts and a very few select rookies

Other players i consider is the usual like everyone else Acuna, Soto, Tatis, Eloy, Vlad, Trout, Mookie, Devers etc. However there isnt a single card in my collection that is off limits. Lets knock out some trades. I hope this thread helps others and not just myself.

1.  Ken Griffey Jr (90s inserts)
2.  Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat RCs/inserts)
3.  Bryce Harper RCs(all colors)
4.  Nolan Arenado RCs(all colors)
5.  Barry Bonds (90s inserts)

RE: What is everyone looking for?
2011-2016 GQ mini's....
Looking for 2011-2016 Gypsy Queen Mini's. Please check my want list.

RE: What is everyone looking for?
I'm looking for Trout mainly, also some vintage baseball. Love 1990s inserts (picked up a Gold Label Red Class 3 #d/25 in a trade here a couple of weeks ago) as well in all sports.
Project 1: 1957 Topps
Project 2: 1962 Topps
Others: Trout PC
Site: www.hughescards.weebly.com

RE: What is everyone looking for?
Always looking for Max Kepler and Mike Trout, also dabble in Clayton Kershaw, vintage Twins and a few rookies and prospects to keep things fresh.

More specifically, right now I'm looking for 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Red Refractors of Nick Gordon and Byron Buxton.
[Image: lh67pgE.png]

RE: What is everyone looking for?
I just made all my bonds available take a look see if anything you can use.
[Image: 2u94efd.jpg]
Alex Tuch 219/259 84.6% ( non 1/1) 223/373 59.8% (including 1/1)
I can Only Ship Wednesdays and Thursdays

RE: What is everyone looking for?
Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey, also whatever catches my eye


RE: What is everyone looking for?
Currently, Im interested in 2020 Bowman Chrome Prospects.

RE: What is everyone looking for?
Hi, I collect the following:

david wright refractors/ser#/autos
tom seaver : refractors/ser#/game used /autos   will take him on any team
mike piazza refractors/ser#/ autos 
todd hundley refractors/ser#/autos
pete Alonso rc's/refractors/ser#/autos
jeff mcneil rc's/refractors/ser#/autos
derek jeter refractors ( I know what is he doing here Smile
Fernando tatis refractors/ser# and mini's   
Mets Autos
topps archives autos any team or player
topps fan favorite autos any team or player

1991 to 2005 donruss elite series ser# 10000/2500 etc
2003 t0 2005 topps all time fan favorites refractors
1996 to 2002 donruss dkiamond kings inserts ser#10000/2500/250/1986 etc
2015 to 2020 topps black/pink ser#
2013 topps emerald sparkle

RE: What is everyone looking for?
Left you a pm! What 90's inserts are you looking for?

RE: What is everyone looking for?
Currently working on the following:

2005 UD Reflections - Cut from the Same Cloth Dual Patch Set
2005 Zenith Z-Jerseys Prime Set
Non Sport - Allen and Ginter Minis from various years

All my wants are marked in my organize.
2005 Zenith Z-Jerseys Prime: 65/77 - 84%
2005 UD Reflections Cut From the Same Cloth Patch: 19/39 - 49%
Allen and Ginter Non Sport Minis All Years: 1214/1481 - 82%
Super Collect: Hunter Pence & Ryne Sandberg
Rob024420_Cards on Instagram

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