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2020 Bowman
So I have a case of Bowman. Do I keep and sell later or rip it?
You have to rip it IMO. Any color version of Dominguez or Witt is going to being big bucks. Rip before the bubble bursts!
If it was me..I would rip it slowly and place each card in order and enjoy! I have not bought a case in 3 years, but it was so great to go through the entire thing and place each card from each pack in order..I envy you..
I will open those packs ASAP. I just like opening packs, so if you pull a Witt or Dominguez there will be some serious cash.
After my weekend experiences on Ebay I would either just rip it and hope for the lotto card or just sell the boxes.
I am not sure if everyone on Ebay was drunk over the weekend or has it become just a wasteland.
I put up about 15 one day listings between Friday night and Sat. All finished with bids. I have had to or been asked to cancel 10 of the sales due to buyers not wanting to pay.

Was everyone just drunk and going on Ebay only to notice when they sobered up what they spent?

A bidder won 3 separate auctions, only to message me he didn't realize he was bidding on 3 different auctions..?? What??

I got another guy telling me his $10 year old son bid at 1 am in the morning and he cannot afford to pay what was bid.

I've been on Ebay for 23 years and in 1 weekend likely tripled the amount of bidders asking to cancel their purchases. There use to be a penalty for bidding and not buying to your feedback score, not anymore, now its just as easy as returning something to Home Depot or Amazon.

Ebay was suppose to be different because it is an active participant Auction method , not an off the shelf Lowe's.

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