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PC pick up.........Nolan Ryan
I was finally able to find my true baseball love.....ahhh!!!
Ive been looking for this card for five years and was able to pick one up recently. I love the 2011 tier one autos. I love the blue sky clouds back grounds. Its the /99 and its goes perfectly with the gold /10!!!

[Image: 06388-D93-6830-4-CF0-AC8-F-163405752753.jpg]

Looking mostly for HOF players.....game used, rc, #D, autos, and mike Schmidt autos and game used

[Image: image_zpsd3640c04.jpg]
That's a gorgeous set. Congrats on the nice pickup!
I'm always open to trading. My wants are varied (I'm working on multiple sets from 1980 through the present) and all my wants are marked. Open offers welcome!

(In progress) Scans for Trade
Very nice!
I can definitely appreciate those, man. Great Nolans!
Collecting Nolan Ryan, Michael Jordan, Robin Yount, Brewers Topps parallels and Jonathan Lucroy in a Brewers uni

Nolan Ryan Collection : 2172 different
Lucroy Brewers Collection : 587/595 non 1/1's (98.7%) and 62 1/1's
Awesome cards, congrats!
Wow! Those are awesome!!
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html
Nice cards
[Image: roughdraft_edited-1.jpg]
definitely some great looking cards.
Always in for a stop on The Ryan Express! Beautiful cards!
''I've never been in style, so I can never go out of style." - Lillian Gish ( 1
893 - 1993)

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