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I'm switching my Allegiance
Not sure if any of you have taken the time to watch any of the South Korean baseball on ESPN, but I have. No I am not getting up at 5:30 am. to watch it. Just added the games to my DVR for me to watch at night. Here are some of the aspects of the game that I would like to point out to everyone. 1st some of the teams have cheerleaders that stand on the dugouts to cheer to empty stands, no fans allowed yet, 2nd each team is allowed to have 3 foreign born players on their teams, yes many teams have American born players, 3rd the games can't go beyond 12 innings, meaning games can end in a tie, 4th the teams are owned by Corporations not private individual owners, players ability to stay with a team is based on performance, 5th the game is quicker and faster and based on small ball and defense, not home runs and strike outs(disrespectful to strike out), Lastly it's a real baseball game not one played last year or 10 years ago. Will I go back to watching American baseball when it come back, probably. Have I enjoyed seeing a different perspective of the game, Absolutely. If you haven't taken the time to watch a South Korean baseball game, you should.
Looking to trade for any Hall of Fame Topps base cards.
Went to a Japanese Baseball game in Hiroshima. The guys off of the ship I was stationed on and I had a blast with the locals and enjoyed the game. If I ever go back to Japan again I will definetly go to another game.
Looking for 2011-2016 Gypsy Queen Mini's. Please check my want list.

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