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Issue with 1999 Topps Chrome Condition
So I stopped collecting in 2003. I put everything away, protected and pulled it out 17 years later. I have been entering my football cards into the data base. I got to 1999 Topps Chrome and I was disappointed in the condition of the cards. On the front side of the cards it looks cloudy and all scratched up, I have 33 cards and they all have the same issue. These cards were not stored anywhere unsafe and no one has looked at them for 17 years.

Its like the dust on the back of the card rubbed onto the front of the next card and messed it up.

Is there a known issue with 1999 topps chrome? Is there a way to clean these up or are they garbage now?
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I busted a box of this a couple years ago and they look like they straight from the pack too. You can try a microfiber cloth and see if you can clean them up. If I think of it this weekend I'll give it a try. I do that for some 1999 finest cards where after peeling the protector off some of the printed text is stuck to the card.
Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Its really disappointing. n I will try that this weekend and see what happens as well
As for my wife, my children and myself our hero is Jesus Christ.
I have a lot of 1999 Stadium Club Chrome. When I went through them a few years ago, they had a hazy like appearance on the front. I was able to clean them up with a damp cloth. Didn't hurt them like it would conventional cardboard. Cleaned up pretty good.
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