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Looking for PowerDecks discs
If you have 1999 Upper Deck PowerDecks in disc forms, please, I am working on building a disc master set (without the autos). Basically, if it's the discs, I want them.
I have a few, but I don't know what I have yet.
So, if you have any, please send me a trade request. It might be a few weeks before I get to the trade, because I will be moving next week, and then hopefully again after that (need to get closer to where I want a job, pretty much.)

I will give 4 cents Beckett credit per point for Panini Points, 110% Beckett for ANY Ravens redemptions, 125% Beckett for any in demand player, and 100% Beckett for all other redemptions.
I PC all Ravens cards.
Check out my ebay for the real good stuff, if I ever get any: https://www.ebay.com/usr/dcm7734
I'll have to look and see where I put it/them. I think I have Aikman and Favre. Because of the different size, they're not with the cards. I'll lyk.

****Looking for certified autos of these 1986 Mets: Ojeda, Aguilera, Elster, K. Mitchell, Danny Heep, Doug Sisk, Terry Leach, Randy Niemann, Ed Hearn, Randy Myers, Sid Fernandez and Davey Johnson MGR. ****

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