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What was 2011 Topps Update like?

What was 2011 Topps Update like?
I got out of the hobby after about the '96 baseball season and just started back up a year or so ago. The past few releases I have bought a hobby box and a few blasters each of the topps flagship series and some gypsy queen. Nothing real high end, but I noticed I have about 10 Bo Bichette rookies, and close to as many of those with the others like Lux, Alvarez, Aquino etc.

Was it like this back during 2011 with Topps update and Mike Trout rookie cards? Was he as hyped as these guys or Vlad jr and last years rookie class? Did you guys have 10 of his rookie cards at one point during the 2011 winter? I kick myself everytime I open a pack now thinking what I missed during my long break from the hobby.

RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
No Trout had little to no hype back then. Hence no particular person has a stash of 100+ of them.
Back then people made more fun of his last name than cared about his cards.

RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
Yes, his Bowman Chrome auto (2009) could be had for under $5 when it first came out. He was a nobody, and no one collected his cards or cared about him. Same with Tom Brady back in 2000. The local LCS had his RCs in their 10 cent boxes. In their freaking 10 cent boxes, and now he's one of the top 5-6 QBs of all time.
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RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
Damn...really pissed I took that break now as I always saved my rookies. So I assume he was in a lot of packs as a "common" rookie card? Seems I pull the same rookies in every other pack some days.

RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
Hindsight is 20/20..many of the RCs in the past 20 years are not of any value..so 100 copies of a RC of Corey Patterson (1999) or Yonder Alonso (2011) would be not worth the storage..so Trout was one of the ones that surprised people..so today..anyone with the a chance to achieve stardom..the prospector are ready to get what they can out of them..hold some back..just in case..but sell high and hope for the best..
Drives the price up..the higher it goes..the bigger the fall when they do not pan out..or God Forbid..die before they make there mark like Oscar Taveras


RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
Prospect cards were the flavor of the month for years but you are now seeing the Flagship RC logo cards become the "IT" card to have long term.

1st Bowman Auto's and low low #'d parallels will always have a premium as well. But people have gotten wise to the 4th, 5th, and 6th yr prospect cards.

RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
I think the biggest knock against Trout during his ascent through the minors (hobby-wise, anyway) is that he wasn't Bryce Harper. If I remember correctly, they were #1 and #2 in the prospect rankings, usually lumped in around Profar and Bundy and for obvious reasons, Harper had all of the hype.

I think because guys like Trout and Harper had such early success is why things are the way they are now - both in the game and in the hobby.

You don't see a lot of teams holding onto their prospects and stashing them away in the minors for nearly as long as they used to. Recently, the young guys have come up and produced early, so more teams seem willing to let them loose at a younger age.

That success and the longer window in the bigs has pushed the idea that they could be the "next big thing" to the hobby, as well.

As for pulling Trout from '11 Update, I bought a lot of blaster boxes and only managed to pull one base and the Walmart blue. I did find a bunch that I bought for cheap on a now defunct website (can't remember which) and then flipped them for cheap (just not as) other places.
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RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
Harper was hyped, highly touted and had a jump on Trout. Harper was the big name Rookie phenom and Trout flew in under the radar but ended up stealing the show while Harper really did not take off until 2012.
Pulling 21 Trout RCs from 2011 Update that year really did not seem like a big deal, until the 2012 season. There were questions regarding if the 2011 ROY could follow up with a successful 2nd season and there was also a ton of speculation that Trout was going to come into spring training of 2012 overweight and out of shape. He proved them wrong and his RC cards started to take off. At $25 a piece, that seemed miraculous, but when the price doubled to $50 many people unloaded thinking they would sell it at the peak. Many rightfully did, never thinking in a million years it would eventually double, and triple, and so on. I traded one when it was at $50 and I was very happy at the time. I am sure my trade partner was eventually much happier with his side of the deal today Smile
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I guess if I saved used tinfoil and used tea bags instead of old comic books and old baseball cards, the difference between a crazed hoarder and a savvy collector is in that inherent value.

RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
I sold a Trout Cognac parallel for like $175 and laughed the way to bank back in 2012.


RE: What was 2011 Topps Update like?
I remember when his 2011 Update was $5. I had not heard of him yet. I sold 2 of his cards on the bay for .99 cents each. Man, to have them back now. I sold another one has year for $150.00. Oh well, wont be the last mistake I make in life, I'm sure!
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