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What's this? A mailday??? Mailday!

What's this? A mailday??? Mailday!
Been a while since I added anything. The Alshon's are hard to see but one is #/65 and the other a true 1/1.

However they are overshadowed by Edgerrin James. You see I've wanted this card for over 20 years. I first saw one like it in a display case at my local card shop in Chicago (Big John's and Little Debbies near Cicero and Peterson on the north side -long gone :/). I think this card plus all the packs I busted back then helped spark how my collecting is now.

This card looks like a bog standard Future's Finest insert normally serial numbered out of 500. However this one is numbered out of 100. Clearly a numbering error off the presses but what an interesting concept to me that a card could be mis-serial numbered! Especially coming out of a pack like that.

Anyways it was priced in the case like it was refractor and I never bought it. After the LCS owner closed down his store in favor of shows and online sales I would ask him from time to time if he still had it but it was buried or sold. Once a couple years ago another graded copy surfaced but the seller wanted over $125 for it. I tried negotiating down but no luck. Then the 3rd example pops up!

I don't know how many of the /500 got incorrectly serial numbered to /100, if any Refractors got numbered to /500, or if all 10 cards in the insert set got the same error but I can confirm I've seen these:

McNabb 76/100, 86/100, 96/100
Williams 73/100
James 61/100 (BGS), 96/100, unknown # from Chicago LCS
Couch 94/100

Anyways, thanks for reading and if you run across any other oddball Finest cards, especially from 1999, let me know!

RE: What's this? A mailday??? Mailday!
cool! Wait...he played 20 years ago?! Omg...I can feel old age striking me down as we speak...where's my walker...my glasses? Why was I in this room...
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RE: What's this? A mailday??? Mailday!
Wow!!! What a feeling! I know it all too well myself! Are you going to grade it? It's crazy how much older stuff isn't really graded. I collect Peter Warrick too & considering the print run of cards back then, THIS was a huge snag! Congrats!
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