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Dolphins are on the Clock at #26

Dolphins are on the Clock at #26
Deja vu, the Dolphins are picking again...or are they? They could take the best player available at any position, and feel good about it. However, there's only a CB or 2 left here that are worth 1st round picks, and offensive tackle is getting thin. Maybe a team could try to jump here for one of them? None of the OT left to me, are worth building a team around. Trading back into the 2nd, they could add a few more picks to continue building, and build the interior of the line and RB in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I think that's what I would root for here as a dolphin fan. You could probably nab a 2nd, a 3rd, and another 3rd next year in a trade down, maybe more depending on how far you go.
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RE: Dolphins are on the Clock at #26
Probably a trade back here to gather more picks. Although a lot depends upon what is available as to how lucrative that will be.

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