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Al Kaline

Al Kaline
I know there are several Tiger fans here. I just saw on my Twitter feed that Al Kaline passed away. He had a nice long life, but what a bummer anyway.

Great hall of fame player. RIP

RE: Al Kaline
I hope it wasn't due to the Covid-19 virus. We lost a football legend New Orleans Saints PK Tom Dempsey yesterday to it.
Looking to trade for any Hall of Fame Topps base cards.

RE: Al Kaline
He was 85 and had recently suffered a stroke. What a class act. RIP Al.

Here is a gallery of my favorite Kaline cards:

I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

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RE: Al Kaline
I just got this in the mail today too

[Image: 3-DA47-FFB-DD41-4-B27-8910-9513151-BEE48.jpg]
Looking mostly for HOF players.....game used, rc, #D, autos, and mike Schmidt autos and game used

[Image: image_zpsd3640c04.jpg]

RE: Al Kaline
Sad to hear that, he was a class act and will be missed.

50,000+ Red Sox cards and counting.


RE: Al Kaline
The GOAT ... Greatest of all Tigers!

RE: Al Kaline
Loved listening to him and George Kell call Tiger games growing up.

RIP Mr. Tiger!
[Image: u0vgF6d.jpg]
Collecting Detroit Tigers, HOFers, Nolan Ryan, Will Clark and Juan Soto

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RE: Al Kaline
(04-06-2020, 05:23 PM)mgruber2 Wrote: Loved listening to him and George Kell call Tiger games growing up.

RIP Mr. Tiger!
Me too. My whole family loved listening to him.

Currently collecting Mike Trout, Bo Jackson and Al Kaline.

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RE: Al Kaline
His talent and impact on the game was often overlooked (i.e. Killebrew) because he didn't play in a "big market," but like Brooks and Harmon the game would NOT have been the same without him. Truly a sad day for baseball.
Not interested in GU or AUTO - base, base, base!!!

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RE: Al Kaline
There's a good story about him in the Athletic that was written yesterday. The story about him and Jim Leyland having dinner a couple weeks ago nearly brought me to tears.

Classy classy guy and a very good baseball player. Am happy to say that I own his 63, 67, and 69 baseball cards.


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