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Jaguars at pick #20 should...

Jaguars at pick #20 should...
At pick number 9, we all kinda agreed they should go BPA. Who was that? I'm not sure lol. I could see them going CB with this pick. There should be 2 CBs that could be starters, or near future starters. Diggs, and the kid from Clemson (can't remember his name). This is the pick I would make at this point.

What about you guys?
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RE: Jaguars at pick #20 should...
Best defensive back available here seems like a good call

RE: Jaguars at pick #20 should...
Fulton from LSU, Diggs from Alabama or Terrell from Clemson. I'm partial to Diggs, obviously.
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I only give DC for trades over $50

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