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Yankees, Pudge, Jets, Mets

Yankees, Pudge, Jets, Mets
Nothing but time and an seemingly unending amount of stuff to dig through.

If anyone is interested in any of the following I will be more then happy to trade them for baseball cards or sell.

Not looking for anything special or big bucks.

New York Yankees Yearbooks 1981, 1982 1983, 1986
[Image: 20200401-204747.jpg]

Various 1985, 1986, 1987 Yankees game programs and Yankees Magazine issues
[Image: 20200401-204838.jpg]

1983 New York Mets Yearbook 1st Darryl Strawberry
[Image: 20200401-210839.jpg]
[Image: 20200401-210930.jpg]

1986 New York Jets Yearbook (Al Toon, McNiel, Klecko, O'Brien)
[Image: 20200401-210351.jpg]

1991 MILL (Major Indoor Lacrosse League) League Program
[Image: 20200401-211024.jpg]

1982 Yankees Photo Album, 2 sets, 1 complete, 2nd broken up and loose
additional 1980/81 Topps Super Giant singles
[Image: 20200401-205157.jpg]

1990 Charlotte Rangers Year Book, Team Photo 1st HOF Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez
[Image: 20200401-210235.jpg]
[Image: 20200401-210223.jpg]
[Image: 20200401-210309.jpg]

1989 NHRA Summer National Englishtown Raceway Park
[Image: 20200401-211037.jpg]

1999 World Series Program Yankees vs Braves
2000 ALCS Yankees vs Mariners
[Image: 20200401-204725.jpg]

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