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Couple Things

Couple Things
So, during this whole madness I have heard so many folks (I'm in a number of Facebook collecting groups now, interesting discovery, but a discussion for a different thread) talking about how bored they are and having nothing to do. My Gosh!! Maybe it's just me (?) but, I am absolutely SLAMMED at the moment! It's like, I wake up each day, and no matter what I do, I just can't seem to catch up! I have a line of like 20 trade requests, ebay auctions ending/selling everyday, other collectors I need to email or something, just a BUNCH OF CRAP every day and I cannot get ahead!! Is this happening to ANYONE else?? I mean, as long as I'm on my soapbox, I'd like to apologize to anyone/everyone who is trying to make trades with me! I didn't know how to see incoming trades for a WHILE, I just thought communication was done this way, thru posts, so there are an embarrassing number of canceled trades from people who NEVER heard a peep from me after making an offer, sorry, my bad! This site should've come w/an instruction manual, I swear lol. My wife keeps telling me not to stress, that it's just a hobby, but I can't help worry about people being mad at me, we all know how valuable and fragile a reputation can be in cyberspace. So, that's 1 "thing", sorry for the novella, perhaps I should've made 2 threads, the former in the trading section and the following here... My OTHER "thing" was this, Until now I have been a 95% Topps Baseball products only, most Panini stuff just looked like bootleg stuff to me. Stuff that I'd expect to see someone peddling out of their trunk in the parking lot of a check cashing place or something. lol. BUT,,,, then there was 2020 Donruss. I've seen some GREAT hits in series 1 and Opening Day Topps, BUT, for my buck, Topps better WATCH OUT!! That Donruss set this year is SICK, the card stock is thick and glossy. The uniforms in the pics aren't all bleached out like before, no team names, but numbers etc. The parallels are fun and most all of the stars have a "variation" card such as a nickname or something to chase that doesn't come 1 in 10,000 packs. The "holo's" (refractors in panini speak) are far more vivid and 3d, you see depth in the pic from across the room, true story. And all the "holo" variations (colors, vector, diamond etc etc) POP like almost nothing I've ever seen! The set features Prospects, all the big rookies, the USA team, all the different insert sets of the big stars and fan favorites, and oh ya, there's an actual set in there. I've never seen a product where, in say a fat pack, I can (and have) pull a Wander Franco, Luis Robert, Pete Alonso w/his name as "Polar Bear" on front, and then some throwback 86 Donruss style cards of the old school stars like Puckett, Ripken jr, Henderson (these have variations too btw) SO, if you haven't yet, check them out, especially if YOU are one of the folks who are bored with nothing to do, they are a truly fun rip! I STILL have not opened a pack and after looking at everything thought "wow, this was completely WORTHLESS!" Topps, well, not so much, there is plenty of throw away materiel in their releases this year (except Gypsy Queen) OK, those are my "couple things" judging by the absolutely inappropriate length of this post maybe I actually am one of the bored people and I'm just too stupid to notice lol. Take care, stay healthy and sane (or try) and God Bless...
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RE: Couple Things
As far as keeping up on your trades, there is a blue line across your screen with a link to Organize/Trade listed on it. When you hover your cursor over it, a drop down menu appears that gives you the option of "Organize" or "Trade". When you click on the "Trade" option it will take you to your trade page where you can see all your offers, notifications and trades in progress. That should help you immensely in keeping up with your trades.

As for the Topps/Panini comparison, here is a link to one of my older threads related to that subject:

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