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?!? What set is this from ?!?

?!? What set is this from ?!?


[Image: h5n94748.jpg]

[Image: 4uhr68zo.jpg]
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[Image: jaderock-1-1-1.jpg]]

RE: ?!? What set is this from ?!?
Never seen anything like that before.

There used to be a helpful site, can't remember the name, its been awhile since it cared about cards instead of selling stuff, it began with a B.......
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RE: ?!? What set is this from ?!?
Looks like the tv warning system tests back in the day.
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RE: ?!? What set is this from ?!?
That is awesome!

RE: ?!? What set is this from ?!?
Maybe it is a ink test card or something like that. It's the 4 colors they use to print with. Where did you get it?

RE: ?!? What set is this from ?!?
Judging by the angle of the logo, and the hologram placement on the back... a 2009 Upper Deck base set. I assume football as every other sport that year had silver foil for the logo.

I need help.
Trying to finish these sets:
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Let me know if you have any available.

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