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Poll: Falcons should...
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Draft a CB
2 40.00%
Dract other
1 20.00%
Trade down/up (for who?)
2 40.00%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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At #16, the Atlanta Falcons...

At #16, the Atlanta Falcons...
The Falcons have been linked to an edge rusher all offseason it seems like. Either Espenesa, or Chaission. But with the signing of Fowler in FA, now what will they do? They could be in the market for a CB, but the top 2 might already be gone. With the signing of Gurley, they don't need a RB. OL is pretty well gone by this point. Too rich for TE. Could they take Matt Ryan's successor? In my mind, this is a trade down spot, unless they are in love with a CB.
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RE: At #16, the Atlanta Falcons...
I voted for trade down as well. Drop to the lower part of the first and go BPA
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I only give DC for trades over $50

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