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Is anyone else having problems

RE: Is anyone else having problems
(03-23-2020, 10:16 AM)zeprock Wrote: I won't type "don't" unless I can't and haven't got any "other choice".

Sorry Doc. Maybe it's just picking on "you" as I can type "apostrophes" and "quotation marks" all day long.
Sheesh, what a show off ... you and your highfalutin punctuations. Smile
What is funny, it allows me to repost your reply with all your quotations and apostrophes, but not in my reply. Beckett hates me!
[Image: Ch4Mt.png]
I guess if I saved used tinfoil and used tea bags instead of old comic books and old baseball cards, the difference between a crazed hoarder and a savvy collector is in that inherent value.

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