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Just another day? Not really...

Just another day? Not really...
My wife left the house early today to stop and look for toilet paper...she finally found some after our 13th attempt.

I had to use McDonald's drive-thru to get lunch as the doors are locked.

I am sitting here at work with 90% empty offices during Tax Season.

But, not all is unusual! For the 75th day in a row I looked to see if 2019 Elite Extra Edition baseball autograph cards were fully priced. Nope.

I guess it IS just another day.

RE: Just another day? Not really...
LOL ... hang in there my friend!

RE: Just another day? Not really...
It's the "new normal".
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

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RE: Just another day? Not really...
Terry I believe here in Minnesota all restaurants and most everything else will be closed to public gathering starting at 5pm today. Let's all hope we can get a handle on the Toilet Paper insanity We need to remember Minnesota Nice

RE: Just another day? Not really...
In Puerto Rico it started on Sunday at 6pm. Everything is close except for gas station, supermarkets and places to eat which are only pickups. Nobody is allow in the streets from 9pm-5am except for a few jobs. During the days you are encourage to stay at home and only one person in a car is allow. This is going to be like this until the 30.
I hope the inception case I have ordered arrive on Friday, that will keep me entertain.
Definitely, after hurricane a few years ago an earthquakes at the beginning of the year another thing that shows up.
This has give me time to spend with my 3 year old and relax for a couple of weeks. I should finally organize my baseball card room

RE: Just another day? Not really...
Spring breakers all on the beaches here...............bars closed and restaurants allowed 50% of seating capacity at once/togo or delivery.

RE: Just another day? Not really...
Can anybody elaborate as to why toilet paper frenzy came about? Chronic diarrhea is not a symptom of this virus.....
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RE: Just another day? Not really...
Have you ever watched a riot on TV? Most often one person starts doing something distructive or agressive, causing the person next to him/her to join in, and so on and so on.

Toilet paper: one person worries about lockdown or quarantine and running out so they grab a few bundles, which the next person in the aisle sees and figures they should do the same, and so on and so on.

Next thing we know, cereal, cheese, sandwich meat, bread and pizza all suffer the same fate. People do not act rational under stress and worry.

RE: Just another day? Not really...
NEWSFLASH! I just read that olives and bananas are the cure for Coronavirus.

I wrote it down and just read it. LOL
Maybe that will cause a mob rush on two foods I hate most Smile
Spread the word Smile
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I guess if I saved used tinfoil and used tea bags instead of old comic books and old baseball cards, the difference between a crazed hoarder and a savvy collector is in that inherent value.

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