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Looking to Sell some Team Lots - READ

Looking to Sell some Team Lots - READ
I really need to slim down the collection and need some cash for a home project and hopefully a little left over for some grading money. You may know me as Leo or FTK Collectibles - you know I have some great stuff.

Right now, I'd love to make some sales on stuff in my Org. Preferably I'd like to sell in Teams rather than just players. I have all of this years rookies so for example, yes, the Cardinals lot will have Kyler rookies, the Giants lot will have Daniel Jones rookies.

Ideally, I am selling a lot that will consist of auto, game used, insert, colors, etc. I will throw in base of the team free of charge. 98% of my inventory is this years product.
I collect Mickey Mantle, Roberto Clemente, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Michael Jordan. I prefer graded cards and always trade based on sell value, not necessarily book value.

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