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Help with a question

Help with a question
I see listings on ebay with hot packs containing a guaranteed auto,card of a certain player or a certain insert. How does a seller know what the pack contains? Thanks in advance?

RE: Help with a question
Theres ways of knowing and you will get a hit, but Id still say stay away.

RE: Help with a question
Stay away from these. From what I have heard they are resealed packs. You will never get anything good.

RE: Help with a question
There's a guy on YouTube who was curious about the whole "pack searching" thing. He bought a jewelers scale that ways in grams from Amazon for like 10 bucks and then bought 3 boxes of Sapphire. He found out the "hits" (or parallels in this case) were printed on slightly thicker card stock. He weighed every pack out of every box. Every pack that was about 13.5 grams he set in 1 pile and every pack over 14 grams in another. Sure enough, every pack over 14 grams had a hit. I can imagine they've been weighed but I just wouldn't trust it.

Plus, let's say you don't get a hit: how do you prove that to the seller and eBay (I guess you could film the opening). I'd be less likely inclined to say they've been "resealed" than to say they've been weighed. Either way, I'm not sure I'd trust it. I feel like it could easily be a loss of money with no way to have any recourse to get it back.

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