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Suburb Owl

Suburb Owl
What are your thoughts about the upcoming Superb Owl?

This is a year where I can simply enjoy the game since while as an Eagles fan I'd like to see Andy Reid finally win a Super Bowl, I am fine with San Francisco winning since I am old enough to remember the days when San Francisco and the NFC East were dominant - and as an Eagles fan, San Francisco winning was definitely preferrable to Dallas, Washington, or New York winning.

Card wise, I should be assured of having multiple autographs of the winning QB - for whatever reason, I pulled a ton of Jimmy G. in 2014 and Patrick Mahomes in 2017. And I still have them since I do not trade cards.

RE: Suburb Owl
I'm hoping for a good game, with the Chiefs coming in on top. I like the 49ers style of play, the smashmouth football and good defense, but I just can't stand the team. Chiefs are so much fun to watch! Mahomes and Jackson are probably my favorite players to watch, despite Rodgers. Reid deserves a SB, I hope he gets it this year! I wish I had Mahomes auto from this year, as if the Chiefs win, I'd already have the card needed for my SB MVP collection. Who knows who it will be if it's the 9ers...I think this is one of the few cases in recent years that the two really complete teams are playing for the super bowl.

RE: Suburb Owl
If Kansas City wins, than it would be an absolute shock if someone other than Patrick Mahomes is MVP. Especially given the precedent from a couple of years ago where Tom Brady got MVP over James White.

If San Francisco wins, it is basically impossible to predict who would be MVP. They've beat people in different ways this year.

And this is about as close to a true "pick 'em" Super Bowl that I can remember.

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