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dealer unable to ship to your location
dealer unable to ship to your location
IDEAS? Contacted both beckett and dealer, waiting to hear back. Last 2 orders from the US, I'm in CANADA have said "DEALER CANNOT SHIP TO YOUR LOCATION" upon checking out. I have ordered many times in the past, as recently as a month ago from multiple us dealers- no issues. It started last order and now this order. Dealers both said they shipped to Canada with no issues from others. Odd and very very frustrating!

Dealer today is Fairfield, last time it was AU Memorabilia.
Sometimes it is the cost to Canada..sometimes it is nonavailable insurance or timing of shipment. Customers get angry when things do not arrive timely or held in customs or the customer is charged a fee according to the customs declaration.

I'd contact them and offer to pay shipping surcharge due to the increased postage. Perhaps their profit margin is underwater with the extra international shipping costs??
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