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Zeprock Collection

RE: Zeprock Collection
They are not loading on my end ... but you could do a new thread each time and just do something like:

Zeprock Collection - Third Basemen

Or whatever (?)

RE: Zeprock Collection
The only way I can see the photo is to right-click on the thumbnail and select "open image in new tab."
All-time favorite insert card designs:

  1. 1991 Donruss Elite
  2. 1995 Studio Platinum
  3. 1994 Flair Hot Glove
  4. 1993 Ultra Award Winners
  5. 2001 Bowman Heritage Chrome
  6. 1994 Fleer All-Stars

RE: Zeprock Collection
Roy Campanella was an upcoming star in the Negro Leagues before signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. For Brooklyn he was an 8-time All-star and three-time N.L. Most Valuable Player. He went to the World Series five times winning one in 1955. His career was tragically cut short due to a car accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. I currently have 167 different Beckett recognized cards of "Campy" including these nine.

1957 Topps #210 Roy Campanella
1957 Topps #400 Dodgers Sluggers/Carl Furillo/Gil Hodges/Roy Campanella/Duke Snider (Pictured here with his teammates.)
1961 Nu-Card Scoops #429 Roy Campanella

1961 Topps #480 Roy Campanella MVP
1964 Exhibits #33 Roy Campanella
1983 Topps 1952 Reprint #314 Roy Campanella

2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers Game Bat #BRCA Roy Campanella
2005 Sweet Spot Classic Materials #CMCP Roy Campanella Pants
2007 SP Legendary Cuts #114 Roy Campanella LL
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

RE: Zeprock Collection
After a weekend's hiatus I'm moving up to 1987 today. I went to my first MLB game that year on September 6th at Fenway. I mentioned that in post #153 and showed you the Eddie Romero card I got autographed that day. Jeff Sellers pitched for the Sox and Corey Snyder hit a home run for the Indians who ended up winning the game. Here are nine cards from my collection all released in 1987.

1987 Classic Game #15 Bo Jackson/(Swinging bat in/Auburn FB uniform) (I drove my wife down to her hometown of Front Royal, Virginia that summer around the 4th of July so we could see if we could locate any of her long lost relatives and I could see where she grew up. On the way, we drove through North Conway, New Hampshire and stopped at a card shop where I picked up the Classic board game. It came with 100 cards including this early card of Bo Jackson. The set was missing card #38 Bob Horner, and to this day I still haven't found one to complete that set and the game continues to sit on the top shelf in a closet, never having been played.)
1987 Drake's #6 Cal Ripken (Once again I hit the supermarket buying enough Drake's Cakes to assemble the complete Big Hitters/Super Pitchers set.)
1987 Drake's #32 Nolan Ryan

1987 Fleer Hottest Stars #5 Barry Bonds (The sticker on the box of this 44 card set reads $2.99 which is probably what I paid for it.)
1987 Leaf/Donruss #219 Barry Bonds (A young Barry Bonds before his head got so big.)
1987 Topps Tiffany #170 Bo Jackson (I bought the complete 1987 Topps Tiffany set from Downeast Coins and Collectibles that year for $125. That was a lot for me to pay for a set but the proprietor threw in the Topps Traded Tiffany set with it so I went for it. At that time I'd heard of Canseco, McGwire, Bo, Bonds and Will Clark but others like Larkin and Maddux, I had not heard of. They are the only complete Tiffany sets I have and it was a good year to get this one as there are many early cards of big stars in it.)

1987 Topps Tiffany #320 Barry Bonds
1987 Topps Tiffany #648 Barry Larkin
1987 Topps Traded Tiffany #70T Greg Maddux
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

RE: Zeprock Collection
If ever there was a player that challenged the popularity of Babe Ruth, it had to have been Mickey Mantle. Named after Tigers' Hall of Famer, Mickey Cochrane, Mantle was the idol of many youngsters throughout the 50's and 60's. A 15-time All-star who went to the World Series a dozen times winning seven rings, Mantle was also a Batting Champion, a four-time Home Run leader and a Triple Crown winner that was selected as the A.L.'s Most Valuable Player three times. He's a member of my 1000 card club as I currently have 1411 unique Beckett recognized cards of the Mick plus probably another 30 or so that Beckett doesn't list. I've already showed you a slew of my vintage Mantle cards as well as some of my 1952 Reprints and a bunch of oddball releases so I had to go digging and came up with nine more cards from my collection to show you today.

1959 Topps #461 Mickey Mantle BT/42nd Homer
1960 Topps #160 Rival All-Stars/Mickey Mantle/Ken Boyer (Sharing this card with Cardinals third baseman, Ken Boyer.)
1961 Nu-Card Scoops #422 Mickey Mantle/(Longest homer)

1961 Topps #44 AL Home Run Leaders/Mickey Mantle/Roger Maris/Jim Lemon/Rocky Colavito (Mantle's 40 home runs in 1960 put him just ahead of teammate Roger Maris, Jim Lemon and Rocky Colavito.)
1961 Topps #406 Mickey Mantle 565 HR (You can't even see Mickey on this card without a microscope but it commemorates the longest home run of his career.)
1965 Topps #134 World Series Game 3/Mickey Mantle (Here's Mickey hitting his walk-off home run off Barney Schultz in Game 3 of the 1964 World Series. Tim McCarver is the catcher and Ken Burkhart is the umpire.)

1996 Topps Mantle Finest Refractors #7 Mickey Mantle 1957 Topps (This was a bonus in my 1996 Factory set.)
2006 Topps Sterling #28 Mickey Mantle (This was a gift from one of my trader friends in California.)
2012 Topps Factory Set Mantle Chrome Gold Refractors #50 Mickey Mantle 66T (This was a bonus in my 2012 Factory set.)
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

RE: Zeprock Collection
For today's oddball post I am showing you nine playing cards from my collection.

1953 Brown and Bigelow #6C Honus Wagner (Brown & Bigelow of St. Paul, Minnesota manufactured complete decks of playing cards featuring six different legendary players to be given away to preferred customers. Each card featured the artwork of William Medcalf and was stamped below the illustration with the preferred customer's name. This Honus Wagner card has the 6 of clubs on the reverse side and as you can see is stamped with the address of Naborhood Link News.)
1991 U.S. Game Systems Baseball Legends #2H Babe Ruth (13 players are featured in this set of playing cards with each player having one card in each of the four suits. The flip side features an illustration of Casey at the bat.)
1992 MVP Game #9 Ted Williams (This card is one of an 18 card set that was produced by MVP Sports. This card is backed by a red AL emblem and cards featuring National League players are backed with a purple NL emblem.)

1994 Braves U.S. Playing Cards #8S Greg Maddux (This Maddux card is from a deck of 56 cards featuring members of the Atlanta Braves. It is one of numerous sets that the U.S. Playing Card Company issued during the early 1990s.)
2000 U.S. Playing Card All Century Team #5D Mickey Mantle (In 1999, the Major League Baseball All-Century Team was chosen by popular vote of fans from a pre-compiled list of 100 of the greatest players from the past century. The nominees were presented in a memorable ceremony at the 1999 All-Star Game in Fenway Park when they wheeled Ted Williams out in a golf cart. The winners were revealed prior to Game 2 of that year's World Series. Every living player named to the team attended. This card is from a deck of 52 cards all depicting members of that All Century Team.)
2001 U.S. Playing Cards MLB Ballparks #9H  Wrigley Field (This card is from a complete deck of cards that is not recognized by Beckett but depicts all of the MLB stadiums and ballparks. I decided to show you the card featuring one of the oldest parks, Wrigley Field.)

2005 Mets Uno #G1 Mike Piazza (One of my favorite card games to play is Uno. My brother and I used to play at my neighbor's residence late into the night. We'd have five to eight players playing and it was always an awesome time. We made up some of our own rules, for example, if someone played a Draw 2 or a Draw 4 card on you, you could play one on top of it if you had one forcing the next player to take double the amount of cards, unless they had one too that they could play. Sometimes it would go all the way around and one person would end up with more cards than they could comfortably hold. I have Red Sox Uno cards as well in my collection but chose to show you this Mets card of Mr. Piazza.)
2006 Hero Decks Playing Cards New York Baseball Heroes #6S Derek Jeter (I told you about the Hero Decks cards way back in post #94 when I showed you a Musial card. This Jeter card is from a 2006 set featuring the greatest Yankees players of all-time.)
2013 Panini Golden Age Playing Cards #34 Nolan Ryan (Panini inserted these unnumbered playing cards into their 2013 Golden Age set.)
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

RE: Zeprock Collection
Honestly I didn't know a lot about Pedro Martinez until he joined the Red Sox in 1998. I knew he had won a Cy Young Award in the National League and he had an older brother who was a decent pitcher for the Dodgers but that was about it. I was bummed after Clemens left Beantown for Toronto but Pedro was brought in to fill the void, and did he ever. An 8-time All-star who added his second and third Cy Young Awards with Boston, Pedro led his league in ERA four times, strikeouts three times and victories once on his way to the Hall of Fame. He is currently in 5th place all-time in career Winning percentage. As of this posting I have 1432 different Beckett recognized cards of Pedro in my collection of which here are nine of them including an auto and a bunch of relics.

1996 Leaf Preferred Press Proofs #53 Pedro Martinez
2001 Donruss Classics #18 Pedro Martinez Autographed (Pedro came to Maine to talk baseball a couple of years ago and his appearance was sponsored by a rival radio station. I am friends with the program manager and asked him if he would be willing to get Pedro to sign a card for me. He said sure so I gave him this Donruss Classics card. He told me he caught Pedro going into the bathroom and gave him the card. Pedro went in and when he came back out he gave him this signed card.)
2002 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings Game Used #10 Pedro Martinez Jsy

2002 Fleer Genuine Leaders Game Jersey #9 Pedro Martinez
2002 Fleer Triple Crown Season Crowns Game Used #9B Pedro Martinez Jsy/Randy Johnson/Greg Maddux (Here's a swatch of Pedro's jersey on a card that also features two of his contemporaries.)
2002 Leaf Certified Fabric of the Game #95DY Pedro Martinez R.Sox/92

2002 Upper Deck AL Centennial Memorabilia #ALJPM Pedro Martinez Jsy
2005 Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Swatch Quad #161 Pedro Martinez/150
2016 Panini Pantheon Arena Acclaimed Materials #1 Pedro Martinez/99
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

RE: Zeprock Collection
Best thread on these boards.

Loved seeing your Campy cards. He has to be one of the most undervalued players out there in regards to card collecting.

RE: Zeprock Collection
I went to my second Red Sox game in 1988. When you've only attended three MLB games in your lifetime it's easier to remember each one. On May 14th I watched Roger Clemens shut out the Mariners in Fenway. Just like my first game the year before, the tickets were an early birthday present from my wife and best friend again and as a bonus, the Sox were hosting their Equitable Old-Timers Game that day in celebration of the 40th anniversary of their 1948 team. I got to see former Sox players Jim Lonborg, Luis Tiant, Johnny Pesky and boyhood idol Carl Yastrzemski managed by HOFer Bobby Doerr. The opposing team that game was managed by Lou Boudreau and featured HOFers, Bob Feller, Bob Gibson, Robin Roberts, Warren Spahn and Larry Doby. Johnny Sain, Manny Sanguillen and big Frank Howard were also on that team so even though I didn't get to see those players play in their prime, I did at least get to see them go through the motions.

Today I am showing you nine cards from my collection all released in 1988.

1988 Drake's #6 Mark McGwire (The last year I ate any Drake's cakes as it was the last year they put cards on the boxes.)
1988 Drake's #25 Cal Ripken
1988 King B Discs #24 Cal Ripken (This disc came in a package of beef jerky.)

1988 San Bernardino Spirit Cal League Cards #34 Ken Griffey Jr. (A minor league card of The Kid.)
1988 Score Rookie/Traded #103T Craig Biggio XRC
1988 Topps #327 Bo Jackson SR RC (As I mentioned in a prior post, the only non-baseball cards I keep in my collection are of players who played MLB baseball. This is Bo's football rookie.)

1988 Topps #665 Stan Musial TBC '63 Autographed (I don't know if this was in person or through the mail as it was not obtained by me.)
1988 Topps Rookies #13 Mark McGwire (A 1988 Tops insert card.)
1988 Topps Tiffany #361 Greg Maddux (A 1988 Topps parallel.)
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

RE: Zeprock Collection
The next player that I collect is Lou Gehrig. Everyone knows who "The Iron Horse" is. He batted behind Babe Ruth on those iconic Yankees teams in the 1920s and gave the Babe a run for his money production-wise. Four RBI titles, three Home Run titles, a Batting Championship, a Triple Crown, two MVPs and seven World Championships not to mention the consecutive games played streak that lasted until the mid-1990s when Cal broke it. A man of integrity and character whose life was cut short at the age of 37 by Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that would bear his name. Gehrig was the first player to have the five year waiting period to be eligible for the Hall of Fame waived and he was elected soon after he retired. His farewell speech is the stuff of legends. As of this posting I have 351 unique Beckett recognized cards of Lou Gehrig. Here are nine from my collection.

1960 Fleer #28 Lou Gehrig
1961 Golden Press #16 Lou Gehrig
1961 Nu-Card Scoops #424 Lou Gehrig

1963 Bazooka ATG #15 Lou Gehrig
1968 Sports Memorabilia All-Time Greats #12 Lou Gehrig
1973 Topps #472 Lou Gehrig/All-Time Grand Slam Leader

1996 Danbury Mint #43 Lou Gehrig
2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Emerald #155 Lou Gehrig HDR
2014 Topps Archives Silver #51 Lou Gehrig
I collect Hall of Fame baseball player cards and cards of current and retired superstars.

My Huge Wantlist: http://www.zeprock.com/WantList.html

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