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2019 Phoenix Box

2019 Phoenix Box
Last box of 2019. This was my third box of Phoenix. I got base dups from the previous 2 boxes I opened and even some triples. This iratates me because I'm trying to put the set together.

Silver - Adrian Peterson, Julian Love RC
Color Burst - Jimmy Garoppalo
Fire Burst - Trayveon Williams RC
Red /299 - Harrison Smith, Greddy Williams RC, Dexter Williams RC
Pink /199 - Andrew Luck
Purple /149 - Cam Newton, Devin Bush RC
Orange /99 - Marcus Mariota
Green /25 - Mitchell Trubisky

Adrenaline Rush - David Montgomery, Adrian Peterson, David Montgomery Red /199
Catching Fire - A.J. Brown, Deebo Samual, Travis Kelce, T.Y. Hilton Purple /149
Comeback - Matthew Stafford, Eric Berry Green /25
Rookie Rising - Daniel Jones, Mecole Hardman Pink /199
QB Vision - Trubisky, Stafford

Rookie Premiere Memoribilia Purple Justice Hill MEM /75
Rookie Dual Patch AUTO Gary Jennings Jr. /125
Retired Signings Steve Young AUTO /199

Base wants are added to my ORG the rest are available for trade
I collect Ray Lewis, Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, Kellen Winslow Sr..  I no longer keep my Org here up to date. Please check with me.  Here is a thread with links to my inventory.

RE: 2019 Phoenix Box
You did well from a Bears collector point of view. Nice job hitting the Young autograph!

RE: 2019 Phoenix Box
Dang, nice Steve Young hit!
Rodgers/ Nelson combo cards
Prizm Patented Penmanship autos 2016 (10/40)
Burfict Plates and rainbows
Nick Collins
Curtis Martin NT CM 2012 /25
Bart Starr NT CM 2012 /99
A. Rodgers Playoff 2016 parallels

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