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WTT 105 card Hockey lot BV $500

WTT 105 card Hockey lot BV $500
Hello all,

Like most of you that open packs I have accumulated a stack of cards that no one searches for on here or just will not sell on auction sites. So I just want to trade them away if I can. Not looking for equal value, just looking for about $80-100 in trade. I only collect rc's and no I will not be looking for 1 or 2 cards that equal $100.

The lot consist of 105 cards with 4 doubles, there are 10 mem cards, 31 #ed cards. 13 cards have a BV of $10-20, with 3 at $20. The lot has inserts, subsets, jersey cards, parallels, etc. There are plenty of stars in the lot.

All cards are listed for trade, I would like to move it as a lot. Please send me an open offer if interested in the lot. If you are interested in any of the cards please send an offer, I will look over any trade offers after I have given the lot sufficient time to move.

Thanks, Art


RE: WTT 105 card Hockey lot BV $500
Sent you an offer, my friend.


RE: WTT 105 card Hockey lot BV $500
Looking it over, plenty to choose from. Send you an offer tonight or in the morning
Thanks as always Randi


RE: WTT 105 card Hockey lot BV $500
If you don't work out a deal or have anything left to trade hockey wise I would be interested in a trade.

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